Finally It’s Settled – How to Field Captain Centos

By Rob Baer | June 2nd, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Hobbyists all over North America scored the new Captain Centos model this weekend, and finally GW has told us how to field him!

A lot of folks were concerned about the (lack) of rules for the new Captain Centos model that came out on Memorial Day:

A lucky hobbyist sent this picture in to Spikey Bits, notice anything missing?

captain centos rules

There are no rules for how to actually field this model. Compare these rules to the Imperial Space Marine from a few weeks back:


“One Space Marine in your army can be replaced with the Imperial Space Marine at no additional points cost”

Captain Centos is an independent character sure, but how many points is this model to field and what slot does he take up? It looks like he can be fielded in any Marine army though because of his special rule, but which one specifically?

captain centos rules gw pdf

Well today Games Workshop answered the burning question, and now we know how to field our Captain Centos models:

captain centos how to filed rules pdf gw

So it looks like he’s a “locked-in” wargear FREE upgrade for any chapter’s captain model, and yep he’s got special rules if you take him as part of an Ultras army. I imagine we’ll see a lot of him in future Gladius strike forces out there eh?

Kudos to Games Workship for connecting with hobbyists out there via their Facebook back to settle this matter!

 –What say ye?

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