BREAKING – Prospero Burns Sprues Spotted

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Ahriman Pre Horus

Come see the sprues for the brand new Prospero Burns box set, featuring the new Plastic Sisters of Silence and Mark III armor models.

Here are the sprue contents of the new Prospero burns box set! Checkout these new models.

plastic mark III space marines horus heresy

The new core set, unboxed!

Source: Garro

plastic sisters of battle silence plastic sisters of battle silence

Whooo hooo plastic Sisters of Silence. Looks like there will be a flamer option for these ladies. Both helmeted and bare heads look to be available!

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5 Tartaros Terminators look to come with 5 different torsos, a heavy flamer and Reaper Autocannon (a staple in the days of the heresy), bolt weapons as well as the combo Lightning Claw / Power Fist we saw for the Cataphractii plastics.

plastic mark III space marines horus heresy plastic mark III space marines horus heresy

The new Mark III armor sprues look to have a robust lineup of options feature a Heavy Bolter, Power Maul, and Phobos Patter Bolters

plastic custodes guard space marines horus heresy

plastic custodes guard space marines horus heresy

The Adeptus Custodes Guard look to be semi multi-part with various weapons ranging from Guardian spears to Stormshields. It also appears the headress topknots are optional, and the rear torso bits do not have backpacks. The standard bits are also clearly visible as well.


Oh my it looks like Greigor is a separate sprue, along with Ahriman, giving GW the option of selling them separately later on down the road!

See what everyone is saying about the new box set below

New Burning of Prospero Box Set

There are no sprues on Fenris

Source: Spikey Bits Hobbies

new plastic custodes guard adeptus guard

We will see FIVE of these Custodian Guards in the new Prospero burns box set

First seen on Heresy Norway, it’s now on Imgur:

prospero burns contents

This is the direct mailing GW sends to it’s stores and retailers about new releases.

The contents are listed as

  • Ahirman
  • Greigor ? Fell-Fell Hand
  • 5 Tartaros Terminators
  • 30 Legion Veterans (Mk III armor)
  • 5 Custodian Guard
  • 5 Sisters of Silence
  • and various rules and game accessories

Remember  battle for Prospero is coming in both a core set, and for the new Horus Heresy rules set from Forge World.

Checkout this teaser image that was just spotted from the European Open!

Source: Salaise

prospero inferno burning horus heresy new

and BB pointed out this little gem:

Now that looks awfully interesting. Is that a Lord of Change on Prospero?


Shadow, or something more sinister???

What we know about the Burning From Prospero Plastics:

Checkout the spectacular new box set that will be headed our way this holiday, and clues to what will be inside as well!

10 Facts From The White Dwarf Cover:

  • This is White Dwarf #3 for November 2016
  • Tataros  Pattern Terminator Armor is visible in the image as well as Mark II Crusade armor (or III as some folks have suggested).
  • Legio Custodes as well as some sort of Legio hero is visible in the foreground.
  • There is also what appears to be a Space Wolf on a 32mm base leading the group (possibly Bjorn judging by his “Strong Hand”).
  • The Custodes have a variety of weapons in addition to their famous polearm.
  • The Legionnaire in the top right clearly has the Thousand Sons badge on his shoulder
  • There are additional models in the top background that may be more Space Wolves.
  • The Legio Custodes will get a rules update in this issue allowing you to play with them in games of 30k.
  • These miniatures are from a brand new board game, which everyone assumes would be in the HH Betryal at Calth style of plastics.
  • Two of the Custodes appear to be sporting some sort of Aquila Eagle stormshield.

See what everyone is saying about the new box set below:

New Burning of Prospero Box Set

First posted in German by Legio Intermeratus


It’s out… the November wd.
Soon comes prospero burns! 30 k board game with plastic custodes – plastic 30 k wolves and thousand sons
And on top of it still a free character for total war.

battle for prospero white dwarf

New Burning of Prospero Box Set Roundup

Start saving for November NOW!

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