Did the Iron Warriors Get Better or Worse In Traitor’s Legion?

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Did the Iron Warriors get better or worse now? Come see our traitor legion overview on the new warriors of the 4th Legion!

Hello everybody, Danny from TFG Radio here again with another Traitor Legion overview, but instead of Blood for the Blood God, let’s look at the steel strikers, the metal malcontents, the Iron Warriors! You can also check out all the new Tech for Chaos at Frontline’s Tactics Corner.

With the release of Traitor Legions, all nine of those legions that turned against the Emperor are back, and the Iron Warriors provide Chaos players with an army designed to do one thing: blow. $hit. up. With a host of special rules designed to make you an army of armor-devastation, the Iron Warriors are your go-to pick if you want to ruin a rhino-rush Battle Company’s day.


The Restrictions:

  • No unique/named characters of any variety.
  • No Marks.
  • All units able to take Veterans of the Long War (VotLW) must do so, but for free!
  • If you’ve been keeping up with all the new info and guides from Frontline Gaming, you’ll notice that as Iron Warriors are Chaos Undivided, there is no focus on a specific deity, but you also don’t get to have Marked units.

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Special Rules:

  • Blood Feud: All units with VotLW reroll all missed attacks in melee against Imperial Fists and do so each round, but all Imperial Fists gain Hatred against you as well.  Nice and fluffy.
  • Iron Within, Iron Without: All units with VotLW gain a 6+ Feel No Pain (FnP).  A 16% increase in survivability for free is nothing to sneer at.
  • Patrons of the Technovirus: Obliterators and Mutilators are Troops choices.  This opens up some crazy builds.
  • Siege Masters: Units re-roll failed Armor Penetration against Buildings.  Havocs, Obliterators, and Mutilators get Tank Hunter! This is the real money.  While fortifications aren’t too common in the ITC, it is always nice to be able to pop Bunkers or Void Shield Generators (plus actually punching through void shields themselves) and giving your heavy weapon units Tank Hunters ensures that Obliterators and Havocs are punching through enemy armor.


So, let’s get into the meat of this army here.  On the surface, it doesn’t seem as overtly powerful as Deathguard or World Eaters, but what Iron Warriors bring to the table is an uptick in survivability and some real consistency with Anti-Tank weapons.

The big key here that many people may poo-poo is that Obliterators as Troops provides an Iron Warriors Combined Arms Detachment (CAD) some great Objective Secured (Obsec) units that are designed to do what Iron Warriors want to do: blow up anything with an Armor Value.

This is where you will see Iron Warriors excel: allied in with another Chaos army as their own CAD with 3 to 4 Obliterator units that are Obsec, Tank-Hunter, and with a 6+ FnP. Suddenly, these slow, clunky shooters can camp objectives and blow up any vehicle trying to close in on it, and with a 2+ armor save, 5++ invulnerable save, and now a 6+ FnP roll, they are not easy to shift as other backfield campers.

Grav will eat them, but then Grav eats most other units in the game.  Let’s not forget that they come stock with powerfists, so if a smaller, fast moving unit tries to assault them out from an objective, they better have high initiative AP2 or Rending.

To continue reading the rest of Danny’s review of the Iron Warriors check out the rest of the article on Frontlinegaming.

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