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All right, Game Fans, we’re going to take a look at getting started with the new Holiday bundles from GW and how they help with getting you ready to rumble.
We’re starting with the Space Wolves bundle, so buckle in for some sweet space wolf action, (and if you don’t like space wolves, that’s okay, we’ll cover the other three hobby bundles soon).  So let’s grab some internet and take a closer look at the new big bundle and how it interacts with the rest of the product line.

Battleforce Space Wolves
Ironclaw Strike Force

This is the brand new holiday bundle for the space wolves faction.  It is a specific formation in its right (as evidenced by the Ironclaw Strike Force designation).  Let’s break down the individual parts and what sort of fun you can have with them.

Looking at the box we can see it contains the following units

  • 1 Stormwolf/Stormfang kit, (you can build either, depending on what you intend to do with it, but the one pictured is the Stormwolf, so I am betting the formation uses it as a transport).
  • 1 Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought
  • 1  5 man squad of Wolf Guard Terminators
  • 1 5 wolf pack of Fenrisian Wolves
  • 1 10 man Space Wolves Pack (can be modeled as Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, or Wolf Guard in powered armor)
  • 1 5 man Space Wolves Pack (can be modeled as Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, or Wolf Guard in powered armor)
  • 1 Iron Priest Character

Hopefully, this box comes with its own formation sheet. The formation should give you all the special rules to play it once its assembled.

The box costs $170, and that’s a remarkable savings compared to buying the parts separately.

How does this line up with the rest of the Space Wolves introductory products?

The other introductory product that the Space Wolves is their “Start Collecting” set which contains :

  • 1 Pack of Thunderwolf Cavalry (3 big models)
  • 1 10 man Space Wolves Pack (can be modeled as Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, or Wolf Guard in powered armor)
  • 1 Space Wolves Wolf Lord (this looks like a Space Marine Commander kit that you can kit out with the ton of options from the Space Wolf Pack)

If you were to combine these two starter style sets, you’d have a healthy number of power armored space marine bodies (25 total), two characters, a small group of thunderwolf cavalry, a Dreadnought, some Wolf Guard Terminators, and a Stormwolf transport.

It’s an excellent place to start building your collection for what we’re guessing is around $250 for both kits.  Remember, each box should have its own formation and you can play with both formations right out of the box.

You’ll also need your Space wolves Codex, an assortment of hobby tools, and paint of course, but for a model count to investment ratio, this is one of the better Battleforce sets we’ve seen in recent holiday seasons.


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