How To Start Age of Sigmar – 1000 Points Seraphons

Seraphon-ArtDinosaurs in space that fly around in pyramids, fighting evil, and trying to restore order in the galaxy. Yes that is the premise of the new Seraphon army.

No it’s not a horrible 70’s cartoon flashback from your childhood. Regardless the models still look awesome and they are still dinosaurs that want to kill you, they are basically the daemon faction for the Grand Alliance Order. Once again this list builds around the best bang for your buck, the start collecting Seraphon list. Currently on eBay, the start collecting box is going for 68 dollars, and nets you 540 points.


  • 1 Oldblood on Carnosaur (320 points – 1 of 4 leader, 1 of 2 behemoth)
  • 8 Saurus Knights – (only going to use 5, 120 points no unit affiliation)
  • 12 Saurus Warriors – (only going to use 10, 100 points, battleline 1 of 2)

Oldblood on Carnosaur can really dish out the pain. 12 wounds, 10 bravery, 4+ save, and a table movement is not great baseline but his weapons are where it is at! A missile weapon that does D6 attacks 3+ to hit 4+ to wound -1 rend and 1 damage  that is demons seeking (adds 2 to wound rolls against chaos demons). His melee is a spear with 2 range 3 attacks, 3+ hit 3+ wound -1 rend, and D3 damage. The dinosaur is what you are really paying for though with claws that are 2 attacks, wound table to hit, 3+ to wound, no rend and D3 damage. Which if he hits a monsters with both of those attacks he pins it and you add 2 to your hit roll with his next attack his jaws. The attacks are on damage table, with 4+ to hit, 3+ to wound, -1 rend, and 3 damage. If he kills a model with the jaw attack he can run and charge for the rest of the battle…. That is sick. Add a roar to that which any opponents taking battle shock within 8 of him, you roll a D6. If it is higher then what your opponent rolled an additional D3 models flee. Finally his command ability is to pick a single weapon on all saurus heroes within 20 inches of him and add 2 attacks to it. 320 point is a lot for a general on T-Rex but this bad boy can bring the pain.


The Saurus Warriors are you standard battleline unit. Move of 5, 1 wound, 10 bravery, 5+ save, with an attack of either club 4+ to hit, 3+ wound 1 damage or spear which is 2 range, 4+ to hit, 4+ to wound, 1 damage. Then they get the shield bonus attack at 5+ to hit, 4+ to wound 1 damage. They can also with a drummer they can forfeit their run or charge to move up to 10 inches to get into position fast. The shield ignores rend unless it is higher then -2. So these guys are pretty standard battleline units that can get into position pretty fast and potentially live out a turn while your knights or oldblood come in and clean up.

The Saurus Knights have a decent stat line at move 7, 5+ save, 10 bravery, and 2 wounds. There attacks are either a lance or blade, with the blade having 1 attack with 3+ hit, 3+ wound, and 1 damage. The lance is on charges roll of 6s to wound deal a mortal wound in addition to your regular attack at 4+ hit, 3+ wound, and 1 damage. I like the blade because the better to hit out weights the charge bonus in that if these guys get bogged down they won’t be charging. The shield is a bonus attack at 5+ to hit, 4+ to wound 1 damage, and then the cold ones attack with 2 attacks, 3+ hit, 4+ wound. 1 damage. There best part is that the 5+ is always there because the shields ignore rend unless it is higher than -2, and with a drummer they can forfeit their run or charge to move up to 14 inches.


You need another battle line unit so grab another 10 Saurus which 12 are running about 20 on eBay right now. Then you need some Saurus heroes to get that bonus from your general so nab a Saurus scar vet on cold one to boost your knights and a Saurus old blood on foot to back up you warriors. The scar vet and old blood are each around 10 dollars on eBay right now. Total points 840

  • Saurus scar vet on cold one (100 points leader 2 of 4)
  • 10 Saurus warriors (100 points battleline 2 of 2 needed)
  • Saurus old blood on foot (100 points leader 3 of 4)

Scar vet is a solid choice to back up your knights, with 7 wounds 10 move, 10 bravery, and a 4+ save. His 3 attacks with 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, -1 rend, 1 damage is solid, the shield bonus attack at 5+ to hit, 4+ to wound 1 damage, and finally cold ones attack with 2 attacks, 3+ hit, 4+ wound. 1 damage. Allows him to put out some damage. After he attacks with his war pick you roll a D6 on a 4 or higher he can attack with it again, and then repeat it once more and if it is a 6 he can attack a third time. He also ignores rend up to -2 so he has some staying power.

The oldblood is there to back up your warriors, as he has move 5, 7 wounds, 10 bravery, and 4+ save. He has a range of weapons he can select from but I like the maul with 2 attacks 3+ to hit, 4+ to wound -1 rend, and D3 damage. This stacks really well with the old blood ability which can boost this attack to 4. He also allows all Saurus models within 5 of him to re re-roll wound rolls of 1. Along with his bonus shield / jaw attack of 4+ hit, 3+ wound, 1 damage

Finally you need some magic and range to balance this force out, so let’s get a salamander (20 on eBay) and a skink star priest (15 on eBay).

  • Skink Starpriest (100 points, 4 of 4 leaders)
  • Salamander ( 60 points, 1 of 2 artillery)

The starpriest adds a wizard to your army to buff your troops with either mystic shield or use his unique spell starlight with a casting cost of 6. It either makes a seraphon unit harder to hit by subtracting all hit rolls against them by 1. Or you can target and enemy unit and they suffer a -1 to hit and if it is a chaos daemon unit they suffer a D3 wounds. His stats are squishy with 8 move, 4 wounds, 10 bravery, and 5+ save so keep him safe. His baseline attack is not horrible in a pickly with 3 attacks 3+ to hit, 4+ to wound, -1 rend, and 1 damage but he should be mop up duty rather than front line.


Your salamander is basically a mobile short range cannon so keep him back but close enough to hit units with his missile weapon. He has an 8 move, 3 wounds, 10 bravery, and 5+ save. With a range 8 his missile weapon is 1 attack 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, -2 rend, D6 damage. At the end of the shooting phase any unit that was hit by it you roll D6 and on 4 or more they suffer D3 mortal wounds. His melee isn’t bad with 3 attacks 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, -1 rend, 1 damage. But I would rather keep this guy hidden in back because with 3 wounds and 5+ save he is begging to be shot. But his missile attack chews through armored battleline troops.

There you have it 1000 points of Seraphon or the Grand Alliance Order Daemons! Note use your generals ability to boost your Saurus heroes attacks by 2 as this is key for them to inflict some massive damage. For example that scar vets war pick you add to 2 it so it is 5 attacks and instead of 3, then you roll a 4+ and get to swing with another 5 attacks instead of 3, and you get super lucky and roll a 6 to get a third swing at 5 attacks. That is a bonus 6 attacks with that bad boy!


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