Ideas For Adding Tzeentch’s New Models To YOUR Collection!

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Today we’re going to take a look at my personal hobby selections for adding to my Thousand Sons collection for Warhammer 40K (and maybe Age of Sigmar).

I love the Tzeentch Aesthetic, and put together my original Tzeentch Daemons army around the turn of 6th edition (before I could summon more Daemons onto the field).  Let’s take a look at my original list, and some silly synergies I want to use.

Daemons_of_Tzeentch-0 lore

My Tzeentch Collection

  • 80 Pink Horrors (I usually field them in squads of 20 for maximum warp charge generation)
  • 4 Heralds of Tzeentch (I leave them without disks because I usually hide them in the squads of horrors to benefit from the +1 strength to all psychic shooting attacks)
  • 6 Flamers of Tzeentch (Roaming heavy flamer templates are fun)
  • Daemon Prince 1 (Has wings, painted up in Thousand Sons colors)
  • Daemon Prince 2 (Also has wings, more general color scheme)
  • Kairos Fateweaver (I really hate this finecast model, the wings have tiny pinholes in them where it looks like they didn’t use enough resin, and his wings have broken twice getting him to a game.  Any suggestions on variants I am all ears)
helbrute of tzeentch_by_vonwildenradt-d7eciu1

In addition, I have a pack of Warp Talons, and have considered picking up some of the other units from Codex: Chaos Space Marines that also have the Daemon special rule (Looking at you, Forgefiend) to maximize potential mischief with Tzeentch marked Daemons and the Cursed Earth psychic power.

The New Hotness (Thousand Sons)

Then Games Workshop drops the bombshell on me that the Thousand Sons are finally getting a release of their own with a multitude of plastic awesome.  We’ve got a wall of Tzeentchian fun in the form of:

  • Magnus the Red, Daemon Primarch of Sorcery ($130)
  • Ahriman, Sorcerer Supreme of the Thousand Sons ($40)
  • Rubric Marines, The dusty reminders of ages gone by ($50)
  • Scarab Occult Terminators, The heavily armored backbone of the legion ($60)
  • Exalted Sorcerers, the flesh and blood heart of the legion ($60)
  • Tzaangors, Daemonic servants of Tzeentch ($45)

Now I would have loved to have gotten a set of the Thousand Sons exclusive dice, but those are already sold out at the store.  I’m extremely interested in picking up some new units to fluff out my Tzeentch friends, and I am curious to see what the Wrath of Magnus campaign book and the Codex: Traitor Legions.  (Sorry Sylvaneth, you’re going to have to wait your turn).

Likely Purchasesmagnus the red

  • Magnus the Red (Majestic centerpiece model for the army)
  • Ahriman (I like his new sculpt, and want one)
  • Rubric Marines ( I will probably get two boxes, so I can fill two full squads)
  • Scarab Occult Terminators (Again, two boxes, because they look awesome)
  • Tzaangors (Close Combat Tzeentch Daemons you say?  Sign me up)
  • Pink Horrors (I am sure they’ll end up as Blue horrors)
  • Daemon Prince (three is better than two)
  • Plastic Lord of Change (I’m dreaming, I know)

I am curious about the rumors on blue horrors and brimstone horrors, but I haven’t seen a model kit for brimstone horrors yet.  I’d love to see what else gets added, and I think I have a couple of other purchases I want to put in for the hobby side.  I am pleasantly surprised by the Tzeentch focus of this release.  I am curious to see if we’ll get a Nurgle flavor or a Slaanesh flavored army list like this at some point.

So that’s my holiday shopping list idea for the Thousand Sons, and I hope this works out.  I need a better replacement for Kairos, I’d also like options for making cool sorcerer models from 3rd party bits.


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