Isle of Blood – Age of Sigmar 1,000 Point Breakdown

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wh_aos_spireofdawnGW is giving the Island of Blood (Warhammer fantasy starter box) the Age of Sigmar treatment, and rebranding it the Spire of Dawn. Come see my Point Breakdown for the new box!

There throwing in circle bases along with the square (so if you want you can still use it for Warhammer fantasy) and offering it out there as a way to get into Age of Sigmar.

island of blood spire of dawn

This is a fantastic idea in my mind as it includes some new good guys that are not Stormcast (Age of Sigmar’s space marines) and also has Skaven (a crowd favorite). Let us break down what comes from this box in how it would fit in a 1000 point Age of Sigmar army.

  • High Elf Prince on Griffon (220 points, leader 1 of 4, behemoth 1 of 2)
  • High Elf Mage “archmage” (120 points, leader 2 of 4)
  • 10 High Elf Lothern Sea Guard (120 points, no unit type)
  • 10 High Elf Sword Masters of Hoeth (200 points, battleline 1 of 2 by taking eldritch council allegiance)
  • 5 Ellyrian Reavers (160 points, battleline 2 of 2)

high elf walpaper

As you can see the high elf total comes in at 820 points and supplies you both the battle line troops and the right amount of leaders to be able to partake in a 1000 point battle. Note in the GW High Elf PDF they said an archmage is considered a high elf mage and vice versa. The bummer being you need to go Eldritch Council in order to get the swordmasters your battle line troop. This causes you to forfeit your artifact and bonus command trait that you would receive if you went with just Order.

age of sigmar stormcast cover book

  • Swordmasters are a good unit that can deal some damage. At 1 wound bravery 7 and 4+ save they are at risk from shooting but in hand to hand they have 2 attacks each hitting and wounding on a 3+, -1 rend and 1 damage. On top of that they reroll hit rolls of 1. With the musician you reroll rolls of 1 when charging and running, and the banner adds 1 to their bravery. Finally in the shooting phase they can re roll failed save rolls against attacks.
  • This Archmage is unfortunately not on a horse so he doesn’t get the bonus to movement and attacks. However you still get a wizard that adds 1 to their unbind roll who can cast arcane bolt, mystic shield, and elemental shield. Elemental shield is a range 18 aoe around the wizard that gives him and all allies a 6+ ward save vs regular and mortal wounds. So he is a pretty defensive spellcasters. With only 5 wounds and a 6+ save you need to keep him in the back.


  • The High Elf Prince on Griffon has a damage table for movement and attacks. With 10 wounds and 4+ save he is a pretty solid leader. He carries a lance with 2 attacks hitting on 3+ wounding on 4+ -1 rend 2 damage (on charge add 1 to wound rolls). A sword with 4 attacks 3+ to hit 4+ to wound. The griffen has 1 beak attack with damage table hit 3+ wound -1 rend and D6 damage, and talons with damage table attacks 4+ to hit, 3+ to wound, -1 rend 1 damage. Its pile in is 6 and it can be anywhere not the closest model as long as it is within ½ inch at the end. His command ability is eh in that highborn within 16 can re roll any charge dice. (this is from free pdf which is a little out dated)
  • Ellyrian Reavers are shooting cavalry with a move of 14, 2 wounds, and a save of 5+. They have a ranged attack that is 16 inches 2 attacks hitting and wounding on a 4+ 1 damage. Before or after making a shooting attack this unit can roll 2D6 and move that many inches as long as they don’t start or end within 3 of an enemy. If they are not within 3 of an enemy they get 3 shots each instead of 2. This unit is VERY annoying to try and track down and kill.
  • Lothern Sea Guard are foot troops with 1 wound and a save of 5+ so not great staying power. However they do reroll failed saves of 1 in combat and 1 and 2 in shooting phase so that helps. Attacks they have a ranged 16 attack at 4+ to hit and wound and a spear that is range 2 4+ hit and wound. So not a great unit but shooting and melee is average so for 120 points they can hold the line a turn or two somewhere.

liberators age of sigmar rules

Not a bad starting force, but it needs a little more damage output in order to go toe to toe with other armies. With 180 points to spend let’s first take another battle line unit so that you can do grand alliance order and get the artifact and command trait. Stormcast Liberators are cheap right now (10 bucks for 5 on ebay) and they are a very solid hold the line unit able to take up some punishment. A little slower than your elves with move 5 they make up for it with 2 wounds 4+ save rerolling 1’s. Then each have 2 attacks on 4+ to hit and 3+ to wound. They can certainly park on an objective or slow down other units. Then to finish up grab an anointed model (20 dollars on GW) to finish up the 1000 points. He has 5 wounds with a 4+ save and a range 2-4 attack hitting and wounding on a 3+ with -1 rend and damage 1. He also has a 4+ save against wounds and mortal wounds on top of his save. Finally he can unbind a spell per turn as if he was a wizard so park him behind your sword masters or sea guard and let him go to town!

Skaven Warband

  • Skaven Warlord (100 points, 1 of 4 leaders)
  • Skaven Warlock Engineer (100 points, 2 of 4 leaders)
  • 40 Skaven clan rats (240 points total, take in 2 units of 20 to get 2 of 2 battline units)
  • Skaven Master Moulder “ packmaster” (60 points 3 of 4 leaders)
  • 2 Rat Ogres (120 points, no unit type)
  • Skaven Warpfire Thrower (60 points, no units type)
  • Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortar (60 points, no units type)

The Skaven warband comes in at 740 points, but they can just be grand alliance Chaos, and thus gain the artifact and command trait from the generals handbook. This might give them enough of a boost to put them on par with the high elves included in this box. 80 points is quite a difference. Also note in the free skaven pdf on GW’s website they say skaven master moulder are to be considered packmasters now. As there is no point cost for the battalion in the generals handbook it cannot be used.



  • Rat Ogres are a solid 4 wound a model that can dish out some damage. They have a shooting attack at range 16 5+ to hit wound 3+, -1 rend D3 damage. There melee is 4 attacks, hitting on 4+ wounding 3+ with a rend -1 and damage 2…. There downside is that with a save of 5+ there going to get shot.
  • This Packmaster carries the shock prod which has a range of 2 with 1 attack that hits on a 4+ and wound on a 3+. With a rend of -1 it does 3 damage so not great. He also only has 3 wounds and a 6+ save. What helps is that he can give your rat ogres (or any moulder unit) 1 to all run, charge, and hit rolls. He also doubles the bravery of moulder units within 6 inches.


  • Skaven Warpfire Thrower is an interesting unit that can dish out a lot of mortal wounds for 60 points. At a range of 8 any unit is auto hit and sufferes a D3 mortal wounds or if you want you can roll a D6. On a 2 or greater the unit sufferes a D6 instead, however if you roll a 1 the thrower suffers a D3 mortal wounds. Expect these guys to get shot with 3 wounds and save of 6+
  • The Poisoned Wind Morter is a solid ranged unit. With a range of 6-22 inches they can shoot pretty far, hitting and wounding on a 4+ with -2 rend and D6 damage. If your just out of range you can roll a D6 and on a 2 or greater they can shoot up to 30 inches. If you roll a 1 they suffer a D3 mortal wounds. Where this guy shines is against units of 10 or more they get a +1 to hit, and if it is 20 or more the damage is 6 instead of D6. With only 3 wounds and 6+ save better keep these guys out of sight. Which another perk they don’t need line of sight to shoot!
  • The Clan Rats come with shields and there are enough for 2 musicians and 2 standards in the box set. With a move of 6 1 wound 6+ save and 4 bravery don’t expect much out of these guys. The shield bumps to the save down to 5+ which the standard allows them to retreat and charge (neat). The musician adds 2 to charge and retreat rolls. Finally if there is 20 or more models add 1 to hit, at 30 models 1 to wound rolls as well. With 1 attack hitting and wounding on 4+ for 1 damage they need the buffs.


  • This Skaven Warlord comes with a war halberd and barbed blade which has range 2 3 attacks hitting and wounding on 3+ with -1 rend and 1 damage and then range 1 5 attacks hitting 3+ wounding 4+ no rend 1 damage respectively. 8 Attacks is pretty nice, and with a 4+ save and 5 wounds he has some staying power. Made more so with his ability to attack and then on a 4+ he and retreat without allowing the enemy to hit him. His command ability gives a units of Skaven Verminus +1 attack with each hand weapon so he can boost himself or the clan rats.
  • Finally the Skaven Engineer in your wizard and he has a nice bonus ranged attack. With a save of 5+ and 5 wounds you want to keep him back. His pistol is a range of 9 with 1 attack hitting on 3+ wounding 4+ -1 rend with D3 damage. He can also unbind and cast arcane bolt and mystic shield. Hit special spell is warp lighting which casts on a 5 range 18 and does D3 wounds. If you want you can say your boosting it before the spell casting roll and if successful it deals D6 mortal wounds, but if you fail on the roll it deal D6 to the engineer.

Skaven walpaper

Overall I like the Skaven force and to build on this you have 260 points you need to acquire. I would fist max out my leaders by getting a skaven assassin (12 dollars from GW!) for 100 points who has 5 wounds move 7 and save of 4+. His weeping blades have 3 attack with a 3+ to hit and wound, -1 rend doing D3 damage. When fighting a hero he re rolls his missed hit rolls.

Better yet he hides inside one of your units and remains off the table until a combat phase when you reveal him and set him 1 inch and immediately attacks even if it is your opponents turn! He also has a range 12 2 attacks ninja star attack hitting and wounding on a 4+. With the remaining 160 points I would get a doomwheel (20 on ebay) which is a very cool model! It moves 2D6 and you can move it over a unit to deal D3 mortal wounds to them!


It has a range 13 attack doing D6 attack hitting and wound on a 4+, with a -1 rend and D3 damage. The wheel itself has D6 attacks hitting and wounding on a 3+ with -1 rend and 1 damage. Finally the crew have 6 attacks hitting and wounding on a 5+. Also you can double the speed of your roll, but on doubles your opponent gets to move the wheel instead.

So there you go coming in at 980 points you have a pretty well rounded skaven force that has magic, hand to hand, and lots of shooting! Though you need to be lucky because your models might end up blowing themselves up as well!

Overall for 80 bucks you can’t lose with this deal. 74 models total is an insane amount of plastic for that price and it rivals the Age of Sigmar starter set. I would happily buy one of these for myself or split it with a friend to get into Age of Sigmar. Especially if it comes with round bases!


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