Over 25% OFF! GW’s New Christmas Bundles SPOTTED!

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ruinsGames Workshop is going to be dropping some new terrain and a battleground later this year. Come take a look at these pics that have just been spotted.

It looks like the rumor post from the other day was pretty accurate, at least for the terrain features. We will be getting some new terrain later this year, just in time for Christmas.

Photos courtesy of Mini Wars:

ruins of elixia

Ruins of Elixia


Ruins of Elixia
Prices $149, £90, €126  approx 28% deal
1 Baleful Realmgates
1 Numinous Occulum
1 Ophidian Archway
1 Dragonfate Dias

Hive Shield

hive shield

Sector Mechanicus Hive Shield
Prices $206, £125, €175  approx 25% deal
2 Voidshield Generators
1 Haemotrope Reactor
1 Promethium Relay Pipes

Outpost Pythos IV


Outpost Pythos IV
Prices $165, £100, €140  approx 25% deal
1 Deathworld Forest
1 Munitorum Armoured Containers
1 Imperial Bastion

Citadel of the Everchosen


Citadel of the Everchosen
Prices $660, £400, €560  approx 25% deal
2 Chaos Dreadhold Helforts
4 Chaos Dreadhold Skull Keeps

That battleground is looking truly impressive! These terrain features and battleground are still RUMORED to be available in November but retailers need to order by March 3rd of this year. If this is open to customers themselves, this would be the first time we’ve seen such Made to Order offerings outside of the pewter miniatures realm, and sure never this far in advanced.

Has Games Workshop figured out how to do a Kickstarter, without actually doing a Kickstarter?

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