Top 5 Vehicle Proxies For 40k You Should Know

By Jack Stover | February 7th, 2022 | Categories: Editorial, Warhammer 40k

Leman Russ tank drive me closerCheck out these cool proxy tanks from around the net that can be used to stand in for some of your most essential 40k units.

thick box

The Puppets War Taurus APC looks like a more streamlined, more futuristic looking Rhino that would look interesting in a Sororitas or Arbites force as a different flavor than the standard Space Marine Rhino. Like it’s GW cousin, it also has a modifiable crew compartment and Puppets War makes alternate kits that slot onto the chassis to put a turret on it, or even slot a giant cannon into it for a Vindicator proxy.

APC front

This Dreamforge APC looks like a cross between a WW2 German half track and the APC from Aliens, making it one of the coolest armored vehicles ever. The only problem is that at $60 a truck, it’s not competing that hard against Chimeras. But we all have that dream of building the perfect Forgeworld Death Korps army, don’t we?


The Dystopian Legions line is full of steampunky tanks that would look at home in weird guard regiments with goofy hats, Inquisitorial Warbands, or maybe just Space Marine armies looking for a unique look. This British tank is basically a steampunk Rhino with the top down, and would look right at home in Iron Warriors colors.

thick box

This Puppetswar Orc Buggy is a cost effective and better looking replacement for the tired old Ork War Buggy sitting on the shelf in the back of most Ork army collections since the days of Gorkamorka.

DBuggy Large

Speaking of buggies, Borderlands 2 anyone? These awesome laser cut buggies are 2 for $18, and look like they’ve come straight out of the video game. Size wise though, they’re not that big. Still, I wouldn’t hesitate to shove some Marines into them and put a gun on the top and use it as Pandora’s most fierce attack bike.

Top 50 Best Alternatives to GW Miniatures 2022

top-50-alternatives-to-GW-miniaturesEditor’s Note:  Since we published the first article we have received a lot of messages asking us why “XYZ” company wasn’t on this list, either by hobbyists who had used their products OR by the folks who owned those companies.  Just to be clear this is a list of folks I have personally worked with in the past or used their products so, for the most part, I can say without a doubt they “don’t suck”. 

That being said feel free to email us (support AT Spikeybits.com) if you think we should take a look at a particular company or want to get your product into our hands for a promo or review.

Liber Daemonica

Liber Daemonica Mendax type helmetsLiber Daemonica started out as a commission painting studio, but always made bits for both fantasy and sci-fi. Now, they have updated their website and really jumped headfirst into making amazing bits for so many factions! Their bits are some of the best on the market and have fit perfectly every time we’ve used them. If you want to spruce up your army this year, they are definitely worth checking out.

Dark Place Miniatures

PyrexiaDark Place Miniatures have a whole line of really amazing Chaos themed minis and demons. They offer extremely high-quality models with very unique sculpts and their main goal is to inspire you in whatever game system you play. They even have an exclusive offer to save money for Spikey Bits readers only! Just be sure to use the promo code: SPIKEY2020 at checkout to grab the 15% discount. If you’ve been looking for Chaos alternatives, you have to check them out!


3dartguy crusaders3DArtGuy makes some of the coolest and best STLs we’ve seen. Every month he pumps out some of the most amazing files and ideas. If you have a 3D printer, you should be supporting him on Patreon. You’ll get mind-blowing sculpts every month for a good price. If you don’t have a 3d printer, you can grab some of his printed minis here.

Deadly Print Studio

deadly print studio inceptor standIf you own a 3D printer you have an opportunity to secure some of the best-looking 3D printable accessories for your models. Take a look at these amazing STL files from Deadly Print Studio.

Pop Goes the Monkey 

Blight Shroud TerminatorsIt’s worth mentioning that Pop Goes the Monkey is quickly moving into the miniatures scene overall with the release of a ton of new model kits outside of all their normal great bits!  From the Blightshrouds to Invader Termies, and Squigs they cranked out a prolific amount of new products each month so far.

Hexy Store:

Hexy Sisters

This set includes components to upgrade your Sisters of Mercy vehicles! With it, you will be able to remake some old models to fit your Sisters of Mercy army or give some unique feel to the new ones! 

Looking for some dope accessories for your armies? From bits to acrylic game aides, Hexy Store has you covered!

Sci-fi Alternative Miniatures To Games Workshop

Let’s take a look at our updated list of some of the best independent company miniatures for alternatives for Games Workshop’s minis, and the tabletop hobby in general:

imperial death lord not mephiston wargame exclusiveLord of Death by Wargame Exclusive

wargames atlanticGrognards from Wargames Atlantic

  • Wargames Atlantic They make some of the coolest minis on the market for insanely affordable prices
  • Models & Minis They have such a wide variety of bits, it almost doesn’t make sense! If you need a crazy random bit, this is the place to go.
  • Modiphius They offer some of the coolest games on the market, with a ton of great minis that are usable in so many game systems.
  • Armorcast Terraform Terrain They have some amazing laser cut terrain that will set your tabletop apart.

Lord lionelLord Lionel From Soul Dark

pig iron productionsPig Iron Productions

battle walkerPuppets War – Prime Battle Walker V1

legio models nunsLegio Models Nuns of Battle Kit

  • Heresy Miniatures Great fantasy minis!
  • Copplestone Castings Soldier minis & more
  • Hf minis Character alternatives!
  • The Assault Group More character alternatives
  • Mantic Games alternate army options. Great centerpiece models
  • Infinity the Game Incredible futuristic sculpts perfect for characters/elites
  • Taro Modelmaker amazing-quality resin alternate bits for futuristic/sci-fi mechanical walkers like Knights.
  • Fox Box This company is awesome if you’re looking for a bunch of specific bits. If you’re in the market for the things that are harder to find, Fox Box probably has them.
  • Mortian Incredible futuristic tank options that fit the bill for all kinds of battlefield roles in your games.
  • Imperial Terrain Imperial Terrain has a huge variety of terrain options matching futuristic battlezones/town buildings as well as overgrown temples/ ancient ruins.

kromlech greatcoatsKromlech’s Orc Greatcoat Company

artel unforgiving chaplain

Fantasy Alternative Miniatures To Games Workshop

dark sword miniDark Sword Mini Sloth Mage 

lost kingdom miniLost Kingdom Yacatecuhtli, Cuetzpal Father

mierce minis mammothMierce Miniatures’ Maatmag, Gigantic Mammoth

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of awesome miniature companies out there. And with all of these to choose from, take your time and explore what they offer to make sure you get exactly what you want from the Best Alternatives to GW Miniatures this year!

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What do you think of our Top 50 Best Alternatives to GW Miniatures in 2022 list? Do you have a “go-to”?

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