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40k Battle Primer SpreadGames Workshop is keeping with their promise that you will have access to the rules for free. Come take a look at the Battle Primer!

The release of 8th edition has been one of the most anticipated things to happen for 40k, and Games Workshop made a lot of promises with this new edition.

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One of those promises was that everyone would have access to the rules for free on day one, and they did so by making the Battle Primer a free download. Let’s see what they had to say over on Warhammer Community.

Battle Primer Cover

The Battle Primer is designed to be a foundation for the game, available to all players. While you’ll need the rulebook for the advanced rules and three ways to play, the Battle Primer contains the Core rules of the new edition, as well as an example of a game turn. There’s even a scenario for you to play! Download the Battle Primer in your language below. Future releases will contain rules in the box, so you’ll be able to get stuck in as soon as possible.

Battle Primer Core Rules

The Battle Primer just covers the core rules and how each phase works, it’s a nice little quick reference guide to have by your side on the tabletop.

Not only does it include the core rules, but it also give you an example of how a turn should go in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Battle Primer Example Turn

These are just the cores rules for the new edition, you will still need to buy the main rule book for advanced rules and the three ways to play rules (plus the matched play detachment rules). However the Battle Primer is a great way for new people to get into the game, really easy to read and understand.

Plus it’s also a great way for veteran players to get a quick understanding of the new rules. Be sure to head over to Warhammer Community and download your copy today.

What are your thoughts on the free to download rules? Are you satisfied overall with the release of 8th? Let us know in the comments below.

We recently reviewed all the new Launch Day releases, including the new Battle Primer itself. Check out the video in case you missed it.

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