Save Over 25%! New AoS Bundles Are Huge Value

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Today we’re going to be going over the upcoming box bundles for Age of Sigmar and find out if you’re actually getting a good value or not. 

We got a look at this week’s pre-orders earlier this week, and today we’re going to be looking more into thse brand new boxes that will be coming out. Are you getting a deal by buying one of these, or is Games Workshop charging the exact same amount if bought separately? Let’s find out.

Warherds: Bloodfeast Gorgers $75

  • Ghorgon $53.75
  • 3x Bullgors $47

Total Cost: $100.75

Total Savings: $25.75 

Slaves to Darkness: Harbringers of Ruin $80

  • 2x Chaos Chariot $80
  • 5x Chaos Knights $30

Total Cost: $110

Total Savings: $30


Daughters of Khaine: Blood Coven $100

  • Bloodwrack Shrine $75
  • 10x Witch Aelves $60

Total Cost: $135

Total Savings: $35


Spiderfang Grotz: Venom Clan $65

  • Arachnarok Spider $57.75
  • 10x Grot Spider Riders $35

Total Cost: $92.75

Total Savings: $27.75


Aleguzzler Gargants: Colossal Crushers $75

  • 2x Aleguzzler Gargant $107.50

Total Savings: $32.50


Deathrattle: Barrow Lands $65

  • Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade $14.75
  • 5x Black Knights $33
  • 10x Grave Guard $41.25

Total Cost: $89

Total Savings: $24


Nighthaunt: Torments Spirits $55

  • Cairn Wraith $14.75
  • 3x Spirit Hosts $26
  • 5x Hexwraiths $33

Total Cost: $73.75

Total Savings: $18.75

The Daughters of Khaine box is coming in with the most savings at $35, while the Nighthaunt box is at the bottom of the list only saving you $18.75. But, overall you’re getting great savings by picking up these box sets.

Remember most stores give additional discounts on top of the MSRP, so if you’re looking to get some allies for your AoS army or to start a new one, now may be a great time to crack open that hobby wallet.

So if you’re looking to start a new Age of Sigmar army, or simply add to the army you already have, these boxes are a great way to save some hobby dollars.

What do you think about these deals? Are you planning on picking one up? Let us know in the comments below.

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