GW Reveals DG Pics of Morty, Termies, & More

Typhus Wal HorGames Workshop is giving us a special look at a painted Death Guard army, including the new Mortarion, Typhus, and Deathshroud Terminator models.

Games Workshop just gave us an army showcase of Jes Bickham’s Death Guard army, and he had early access to the new models. This is some of the best views we’ve seen of the new models, and they look better than expected. Let’s see what Mr. Bickham had to say about his new Death Guard.

Army Showcase DG

One of these drones is not like the other..


I also wanted an ‘elite’ feel to my nascent Death Guard army, too, so naturally the new Deathshroud Terminators were a must, to provide bodyguard protection to my Lord of Contagion – and given they’ve got a special rule called ‘Eyes of Mortarion’ how could I not include the big guy himself?

Army Showcase DG MortarionArmy Showcase DG Mortarion

He is a remarkable Citadel Miniature and a real (disgusting) joy to build and paint. (One tip for you, though – paint the voluminous noxious smoke plumes that plug into his back vents separately. It’ll make your life much easier!)

Army Showcase DG

So what’s next to make that happen? Well, I’m literally just putting the finishing touches to a unit of five Blightlord Terminators, to continue the elite infantry theme, and then after that I’ve got the amazing new Typhus miniature lined up, along with a Noxious Blightbringer (to help my infantry move up the board a little quicker) and another Plague Marine or two.

Army Showcase DG Typhus


Army Showcase DG Typhus


The Death Guard are coming! Checkout the list of newest units, and what they look like from the brand new codex book that’s coming our way in under one week!

Here’s the unit line up courtesy of sceencaps from the Black Library digital demo copy:

death guard toc

Looks like Deathshroud are confirmed, however the smaller weaponized terminators appear to be Blightlords? Here’s a list of models that stood out to us, can you pick them out of this lineup:

Death Guard Army Shot


Biologus Purrifier

Plague Surgeon

Plagueburst Crawler

  • Myphitic Blight Haulers
Death Guard
  • Tallyman
  • Foul Blightspawn

Blightlord Terminators


And the latest teaser from Games Workshop gave us another look at new features of Codex: Death Guard. Let’s see what they had to say about the new special rules and psychic powers.

Army Special Rules

Inexorable Advance is the Death Guard equivalent to the Chapter Tactics and Legion Traits we’ve seen so far. If you’re using a Death Guard Detachment, your units won’t suffer any penalties for moving and firing Heavy weapons, or Advancing and firing Assault weapons, as well as being able to use your Rapid Fire weapons at a longer range.

Death Guard Teasers

In practice, this means you’ll be able to keep your Death Guard bearing down on the foe without blunting your offensive capabilities. This is of particular use to Helbrutes, who possess a range of Heavy weapons, while Plague Marines with Assault weapons like a meltagun or blight launcher will make for a surprisingly mobile fire-support unit.

While it’s not an army special rule as such, it’s worth noting that nearly every new Death Guard unit has Disgustingly Resilient. This includes all the new Daemon Engines serving alongside the Death Guard, as well as both their unique Terminator units (rest assured we’ll be taking a closer look at these soon!). Disgustingly Resilient is an incredibly useful ability, helping your units cope with high AP weapons and even Mortal Wounds that can be deadly for heavily armoured infantry. Older units like Possessed and Helbrutes lack Disgustingly Resilient but will benefit from your Stratagems significantly, meaning they still very much have a role to play in your army.

Death Guard Teasers

What units do I get?

Talking of older units, you may be wondering which units the Death Guard can still use – particularly if you’re a long standing fan looking to revamp your army with a new codex! The Death Guard will be keeping access to everything they could use in Index: Chaos – so Chaos Lords, Sorcerers, Chaos Cultists, Helbrutes, Possessed, Chaos Spawn, Chaos Land Raiders, Defilers, Chaos Predators and Chaos Rhinos. In addition, there are 9 completely new units in the codex, datasheets for the 4 new units from Dark Imperium, and an updated datasheet for Plague Marines that gives them some powerful new options – we’ll be previewing these closer to release.

Death Guard Army

That’s not all – the codex also contains rules for a range of Nurgle Daemons – perfect for summoning into your army if you’re in need of some Nurglings or need some fast-moving Plague Drones in a hurry.

Psychic Powers

The new Death Guard codex also brings an expanded Contagion discipline to the army. As well as the powers from Index: Chaos, there are three new powers to complement them. Blades of Putrefaction makes Death Guard units deadly in close combat and allows you to stack up mortal wounds with your Plague weapons.

Death Guard Teasers

Putrescent Vitality is a superb support ability that can easily bring Plague Marines up to Toughness 6, or provide a Lord of Contagion with a handy bump to strength.

Death Guard Teasers

The new psychic powers and special rules look like they’re going to help the Death Guard out in both offense and defense. Putrescent Vitality is going to let you add 1 to a unit’s Strength and Toughness characteristics if you successfully get it off, and with a warp charge value of 6 it shouldn’t be too difficult. Combine that with Disgustingly Resilient which lets your roll a dice anytime a unit with that ability loses a wound, and on a 5+ that wound is ignored, and you’ve got yourself one infantry unit that is going to be hard to take down.

Combo-ing the +1 strength buff along with Mortarion’s -1 Toughness aura could make it very hard for anyone to stand against such equipped lords of decay as well.

All in all the new teaser is making the Death Guard look very hard to kill on the table top. This may just be the help that the Death Guard needed to become one of the strongest armies.

What do you think about the latest teaser for Codex: Death Guard?

mortarion hor

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