Incredible 1/6 Scale Horus the Warmaster

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Horus the WarmasterHorus has never looked so good, or so big, as he does with this recently finished 1/6 scale model. Come take a look at Horus like you’ve never seen before.

Damien Thevenin has been working on his Horus the Warmaster for about three years, and he has finally finished him. We were absolutely taken back by this 1/6 scale masterpiece, and we had to share it. Let’s take a look and see what Mr. Thevenin had to say about it.

Horus The Warmaster

Scale 1/6 56cm

Finally finished !! A little more than 3 years of work! I am very satisfied with the final result and especially the progress made since the first version of this figure. Thank you for your support and patience!!

Horus the Warmaster Horus the Warmaster Horus the Warmaster Horus the Warmaster

The amount of time and dedication that what put into this model really paid off. The attention to detail can be seen throughout this entire model, the wolf head was hand sculpted, the free moving ammo belt, and the OSL on his face is just amazing. We’re not sure if he’s planning on starting another model now that he’s finished this masterpiece, but we really hope to see more from Damien Thevenin in the future. Make sure you head over to his page, give him a follow, and give him the kudos he deserves. Job well done sir.

What do you think about this model? We’d like to hear what you think, drop us a line in the comments below.

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