Make Miniature Leaves Out of Anything: 28mm Punch

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leaf punch

Checkout these amazing steel punches for making 28mm, 32mm, and 54mm sized leaf scatter flock out of a variety of material, for your miniatures.

The hobby masterminds at GreenStuffWorld.com are at it again!  This time they’ve got some sweet new punches you can use to make your very own miniature leaves!

Blue Leaf Punch 9,00 €


Miniature Leaf Punch perfect to create miniature leaves compatible with scales 1:35, 1:43, and 1:48 (54mm, 32mm, and 28mm). You can use various types of paper and other materials. This punch will make 3 types of MAPLE leaves.

We recommend using dried leaves in different colors. Natural leaves need to be treated to keep the colors. There are many techniques to achieve this effortlessly. They may be also painted.

Roof Tile Punch 9,25 €


Miniature ROOF TILE Punch perfect to create miniature tiles compatible with scales 1:76 1:48 1:43 1:35 1:30 1:22 . You can use various card board, paper, flexible metal foils (link), 0.5mm plasticard (link), 1mm Foamed PVC (link), among other materials. Flexible metal foil tiles may be curved.

Size of the tiles: 5x10mm

Check out the whole review video in the link below!

  • Multiple shapes and types available!
  • Works on nearly any hobby material!
  • Low price!

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