How To Go 2000 Points: Flesh Eater Courts

By Travis Perkins | November 6th, 2017 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Editorial, Tactics

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Last year, we released a First 1000 points army for the Flesh Eater Courts. This feasting season let’s take it up to 2000 points!

With the new General’s Handbook, we get allegiance abilities for the Flesh Eater Courts that do the following: all Flesh Eater units within 6 inches of a Flesh Eaters hero ignore wound and mortal wounds on a 6 and if a Flesh Eater courts unit kills an enemy unit, roll a D6 on a 6 they can pile in and attack another unit. Your army gets a special delusion (more on that later), the general can pick a special command trait, and they have an artifacts table.

The first 1000 article can be found here, to learn about the units and what we were going for.

Our first 1000 gives us the following: (Points are updated to reflect the new handbook points.)

  • Abhorrent Ghoul King on Terrogheist (400 points) 1 of 6 Leaders & 1 of 4 Behemoths
  • 10 Crypt Ghouls (100 points) 1 of 3 battle line units
  • 3 Crypt Horrors (160 points) (Now a battle line unit!)
  • 10 Crypt Ghouls (100 points) battle line unit 2 of 3 required
  • 1 Crypt Ghast Courtier(80 points) Leader 2 of 6
  • 1 Vargulf Courtier (160 points) Leader 3 of 6

With Crypt Ghouls becoming a battle line unit and getting points discounts for massive regiments, we are going to combine the Crypt Ghouls into one unit. Then let’s fill them out with more Crypt Horrors and Ghouls and get a third battle line of Crypt Horrors, so it turns into something like this.

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  • Abhorrent Ghoul King on Terrogheist (400 points) 1 of 6 leaders & 1 of 4 Behemoths
  • 1 Crypt Ghast Courtier (80 points) Leader 2 of 6
  • 1 Vargulf Courtier (160 points) Leader 3 of 6
  • 40 Crypt Ghouls (360 points) Battle line 1 of 3
  • 6 Crypt Horrors (320 points) Battle line 2 of 3
  • 6 Crypt Horrors (320 points) Battle line 3 of 3

Your total points are now at 1640 and you need to fill out the remaining 360, what better way than with some allies and another Abhorrant Ghoul King, this time on foot.

  • Mortis Engine (180 points) Behemoth 2 of 4
  • Abhorrant Ghoul King (120 points) Leader 4 of 6

Mortis Engine: Move damage table (fly) 14″ down to 4″, has a 4+ save, 10 bravery, and 12 wounds. In the shooting phase, roll 2D6 and any units within a damage table range (9 down to 5) suffer D3 mortal wounds if their bravery is less than the number rolled. Melee attacks are Ethereal Weapon with damage table attacks (12 down to 4), hitting on a 5+, wounding on 4+, for 1 damage. If a 6 is rolled to hit, it is an automatic mortal wound. The other melee is the Necromancer’s Staff that has 1 attack hitting on a 4+, wounding on a 3+, with -1 rend, for D3 damage. Once per battle you can unleash death energy and roll 4D6. All Death units within that many inches heal D3 wounds, while all non-Death units suffer D3 mortal wounds. Finally, it adds 1 to all Death wizards casting rolls within 12″ and subtracts 1 from all non-Death wizards.

Abhorrant Ghoul King: Move 6″, Save 4+, 10 Bravery, 6 Wounds. Six melee attack, hitting and wounding on a 3+, with -1 rend for 1 damage. He heals a D3 wounds in your hero phase, can cast / unbind one spell, and has the unique spell Black Hunger. Black Hunger is cast on a 5 and adds 1 to the attack characteristic of melee weapons of a Flesh Eater Courts unit within 18 inches.

Loadouts: For a delusion, your looking at starting with Crusading Army which lets you re roll ones for charging and run rolls for all Flesh Eater Courts. Then, with the bonus command trait on your general, I would go with the Completely Delusional command trait which lets you swap out your delusion for any other one in your hero phase. Finally, for an artifact, choose one of these other based on the army you’re playing against: The Blood Chalice if you are playing against a high Bravery army, which once per game lets you hero heal D6 wounds, or if you’re playing against a lower Bravery army, the Grim Garland which subtracts 2 from all model’s Bravery within 6 of the hero.

Soccer formation tactics on a blackboard

Tactics: Your goal is to generally get into combat ASAP so run and charge forward as much as possible, while staying close enough to heroes to get the allegiance save. Speaking of heroes, they are prime candidates for shooting and magic attacks, so get mystic shield and unholy vitality on them which should be easier with a Mortis Engine nearby. The Mortis Engine it is pretty much a support model and so try and keep it out of combat if you can but close enough to boost your wizards and shoot Wail of the Damned. If your army is getting beat up, fire off its Reliquary to do some mortal wounds and heal up a Crypt Horror or two. If you go with the Garland, it stacks nicely with the Mortis Engine’s missile weapons and the Terrorgheist’s Death Shriek. Finally, your army should be able to go toe to toe with most other armies in melee, just be careful not to over commit as your units are significantly less good when not near your hero models.

Total Points: 1940

There you have it, a nice noble army to invite over for a fete this holiday season.

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