Cosplay We All Wish We Had: Lil Space Wolf Boy

By Drago | November 13th, 2017 | Categories: Cosplay, Space Wolves, Warhammer 40k

space wolf boy 1

Space Wolf fierceness does not diminish based on size. Come see the cosplay we all wish our parents had made us back in the day, custom astartes armor.

Even the smallest marine amongst the mighty Space Wolves can easily take a bite out of you!

Here’s an amazing cosplay, put together by Nathan Gerardy, aka Killhunger, for his 9-year old son. The entire set of armor was hand made using EVA foam, sculpey, super glue, and other materials. The hair is all natural, though the beard is borrowed from Killhunger’s own.

Take a look at the final results of the hard work, plus some insight to how they went through the process, picked their subject matter, and what their take is on the final result.

space wolf boy 3

I asked him to make a crazy evil face and he nailed it.

Space Wolves were the chosen subject matter for a few reasons. One: they are awesome, and Nathan liked the details on the figures, which includes all the different wolf visuals. Second: his son has long hair for a ponytail. Since Space Wolves don’t often wear helmets, this was ideal, as a helmet would make his head seem too large. Overall, Space Wolves seemed to be the best choice to get a good copy of the detailed miniature from.

space wolf boy 4He felt really cool in the suit as you can image, and he tends to get into character

After making the final decision, Nathan took measurements, head to toe, and drew out a diagram on paper. Over this, the Space Marine armor was sketched over to match proportions, match joint locations, and set up creating everything in proper size. Using the 1/8 inch = 1 inch scale, Nathan was able to use the picture as an accurate reference instead of trying to go directly from the miniature.

space wolf boy 5

Look down on us like we are doomed!

Once the scale was created, patterns were cut from cardboard and test fitted. Once satisfied with the way they sat, the cardboard patterns were used to guide in cutting the EVA foam. The end width was .5″, which required a bit of engineering with the EVA foam. Once the base pieces fit together properly, the details started with the chest and gems. Every exposed edge needed to be cleaned up and smoothed.

space wolf boy 6

Once everything was complete, final steps included painting and assembling. Check out the detail on that armor! The amount of time put into this armor can definitely be seen. The continuity of the battle damage is fantastic as well, especially since that scar goes down onto the armor chest piece itself. Not sure if I want to know what did that, or if Nathan and his son would share that information…perhaps one of the trophies is based on that hunt?

space wolf boy 6A great view of the backpack and how much care was put into the entire costume. The backpack was difficult, since the end pieces needed to be perfectly round and cutting EVA foam in that way is very difficult.

space wolf boy 8

I learned a lot from making this and EVA Foam, Superglue, a dremel tool, and a heat gun you can make nearly anything.

After assembling everything, strapping was added to hold everything together. Then, a wing and a prayer that his son could walk in the suit. He can, but he cannot run. He likes stomping around, though.

Overall, this cosplay is awesome and the model looks like he is very much enjoying his father’s creation.

I can’t wait to see if Killhunger will create more costumes, or if this Space Wolf will make appearances at any events in the future. One thing is for sure, I want him on my side in a fight!

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