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The Black Library has sparked the imaginations of many with their windows into different universes, and now getting their audio books just got easier.

We’ve enjoyed the fantastic lore and stories that have emerged from the Black Library for Warhammer: 40,000 and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. The audio-books used to be hard to come by and rather exclusively released by the Black Library. Now, there are currently 156 Black Library audiobooks available via Audible!

That’s up over 100 titles from just a handful a few weeks ago.

From fantastic stories such as the Eisenhorn series by Dan Abnett (including Hereticus) to Horus Heresy books and even The Realmgate Wars series for Age of Sigmar!

Black Library Audible

Let”s take a look a closer look at a couple titles that are currently available.

Ruinstorm $31.97


By: David Annandale
Narrated by: Jonathan Keeble
Length: 10 hrs and 6 mins
Release date: 11-03-17
Language: English
Publisher: Black Library

Publisher’s Summary

Imperium Secundus lies revealed as a heretical folly. Terra has not fallen, though it remains inaccessible. Sanguinius, Guilliman and the Lion El’Johnson, the primarchs of the Triumvirate, must reach Terra at all costs. They seek to defend the Emperor and to atone for their sins.

But the Ruinstorm, a galaxy-wide maelstrom of chaos, hides the Throneworld from the primarchs. Now the fleets of three Legions depart Macragge, and the primarchs will stop at nothing to overcome the Ruinstorm. Yet an insidious enemy watches their every move, and plots against the weaknesses of the errant sons of the Emperor. Each has his own inner storm, and each marches towards his own ruin.

©2017 Games Workshop Limited (P)2017 Games Workshop Limited

Call of the Lion

By: Gav Thorpe
Narrated by: Peter Wickham
Length: 1 hr and 15 mins
Release date: 10-31-17
Language: English
Publisher: Black Library

Publisher’s Summary

The Dark Angels Legion is couched in layers of mystery and secrecy, harkening back to the days of the knightly orders of Caliban that helped to raise their infant primarch. But Lion El’Jonson’s greatest strength often proves to be one of the most divisive issues amongst his sons – rarely can any two commanders agree upon one single course of action from the start.

As they seek to bring the world of Byzanthis to compliance, Chapter Masters Astelan and Belath are among those with very different notions of what victory might require.

©2011 Games Workshop Limited (P)2011 Games Workshop Limited

Audible has a variety of different books available and can be joined on a membership basis or you can try for free for 30 days. As well, you can usually download one to two books free to try these services. For many who enjoy the Black Library books, or those who have not delved into the lore due to lack of access on multiple platforms, this is a great way to get into the lore of AoS and 40k. Hopefully some of their newer books will be offered that way as well, especially with the great books coming out this month.

It seems Games Workshop is starting to broaden their reach into other markets in an attempt at reaching as many people as they can. Audible is making it even easier for people around the globe to get access to Black Library audiobooks. So grab a brush, hit play, and hobby while you listen to you favorite titles.

Will you be taking part in the new Audible offerings from Black Library? Do you have a favorite that is offered or will you be waiting for something in particular? Let us know in the comments!

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