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great unclean one dark bunnySee how this painted Great Unclean One compares to his “brother” Daemons, and which rules are better for him. 40k or Age of Sigmar’s?

Dark Bunny Creatives has painted an amazing Great Unclean One, which itself is a fantastic new Nurgle Daemon model. Take a look at this hobby showcase and rules breakdown by scrolling down and pressing play on the video below!

great unclean one

Dark Bunny’s painted version of the model is amazingly detailed, with all effects being straight painted in each of the cracks and pustules. The model itself is on a 130mm base, which is larger than that of the Fateweaver and Bloodthirster. He’s also larger girth-wise, while the other two models are taller. The Great Unclean One iteself has some amazing details on the model, including optional Nurglings to customize the base itself. Overall, he is a fantastic-looking miniature to have as a centerpiece to any Nurgle-inspired collection.

guo vs fateweaverIn Warhammer 40,000, the Great Unclean One kit can also make Rotigus, which is 17PL, 330 points, and has several different abilities including the Deluge of Nurgle. The Deluge of Nurgle causes a mortal wound on the closest enemy unit to him if he successfully casts a psychic power with a 7+. This effect is resolved after that of the psychic power. He can cast and deny two psychic powers. The Great Unclean One is 17PL, 320 points, and has a variety of different abilities.

The Bileblade gives the Great Unclean One the opportunity to add one to the casting result of a psychic ability, but the Great Unclean One will take a mortal wound if that ability (Putrid Offering). He can cast two and deny one psychic ability. For the Great Unclean One, one of the neatest abilities is probably the Reverberating Summons which is used to attempt to summon a unit of Nurgle Daemons to the battlefield via Daemonic Ritual by rolling 4 dice instead of 3. The Doomsday Bell / Reverberating Summons also allows a friendly model from a Nurgle Daemon unit within 7″ of the Great Unclean One to return to life by rolling a 4+.

guo vs bloodthirsterIn Age of Sigmar, Rotigus is even more fantastic. His Deluge of Nurgle has a casting value of 7 to roll 7 dice. For each roll that matches or beats numbers on the damage table, going from 4+ to 6+, you can pick an enemy unit that is visible to Rotigus and that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. He can heal D3 wounds each Hero phase. The Great Unclean One has Putrid Offering, similar to the 40K ability, and Reverberating Summons now gives a +3 to movement characteristic for a Nurgle unit within 7″ of the model. He also has the command ability Grandfather’s Jow, which adds one to the Attacks characteristic of all melee weapons of a Nurgle Daemon unit within 21″ of the model, and can heal D3 wounds each Hero phase as well.

For more information about Dark Bunny Creatives, be sure to check out their website for options and commission rates. Be sure to check out the entire video and review, as well as a review of the rules in both game systems, by pressing play on the video below!

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