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Don’t miss an exciting sneak peek at some example gameplay for the upcoming Wrath & Glory Warhammer 40,000 role-playing game. Let’s dive in!

This short webcomic gives us a glimpse into one of many facets of gameplay in this upcoming role-playing game set the Warhammer 40k universe. Ulisses North America shows us how to make a skill check in this new and exciting game.

Wrath & Glory RPG 40k Wal Horvia Ulisses North America

“We’re thrilled to present the Wrath & Glory Example of Play comic, drawn by Kaiser of Eagle Ordinary.

Comic 1

Comic 2

Within these two pages are a lot of information on this new game from the types of factions and characters you can play to how skill checks are made. Plus one can only hope to get an awesome Warhammer 40K GM Screen. I’m just saying! Let’s break down this new dice mechanic first and see how to make a skill check.

Wrath and glory dice example

.That seems to be a cool new way to make checks in this new RPG.  Looks like you add your skill value to your base stat to create a dice pool to roll. Using your standard six-sided dice that we all probably own a lot of, you try to roll a target number based off of a stat listed your character sheet. Those successes produce Icons which are used to determine whether or not a skill check has passed or failed. In this case, Varkus needs to roll a 4 or better to produce Icons. He rolls four results which are average. But the six he rolled is considered an Exalted Icon and produces two instead of the standard one Icon giving him Five total. With that, he passes the test and probably saves his party from suffering some sort of cold damage.


It also looks like if you roll really well you can move all of your extra Exalted Icons to a new pool to use for extra effects with the Shift mechanic. Allowing you to improve the quality of the check, speed up the process, or gain more information from the task at hand. That is a great way add a level of suspense to the game when you may just need to absolutely nail a task in the right moment!

pc for Wrath & Glory comic

It’s great to see that you can choose from a variety of different factions throughout the 40k multiverses to create custom player-characters. Allowing you to flesh out characters that you really want to play helps immerse you in the story and allows you to have a lot more fun playing an RPG.

The upcoming Wrath & Glory game system seems like it’s pretty easy to learn. We hope to see more pages from this webcomic and learn more from Ulisses on this exciting new game before it’s release!

To learn more check out the FAQ over at Ulisses North America.

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