Assemble All 8 Versions of the Baneblade From One Kit!

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baneblade build 4

Octobaneblade! Come see our tutorial on how to make all 8 Baneblade variants with one kit by just using magnets and spare sprue.

Variety is the spice of life, for certain, when it comes to this edition of Warhammer 40k. Take a look at some Baneblade options for spicing up your 40k games!

With varying points costs and situations, having magnetized bits and options helps with playing WYSIWYG games (makes things easier for remembering rules, too). This overview goes through the basics of getting the Baneblade set up to allow for every available option and build. Be sure to scroll down and press play on the video below to see the entire tutorial!

Initial Setup

baneblade build 1Start with building up the model to include treads, but not gluing in the top panels. Instead, magnets will be going underneath these panels. Add a few pieces of spare sprue, from 1.5″ off center from the front of the armor plate, and 6/8″ off center from the back, also 7/16″ from the top.

Make these sprues as flat as possible to support of the different options. Be sure to set up the front panels to be able to drop into location, rather than tabbing in. Build sponsons up but do not glue onto the main portion of the Baneblade itself. Also put together, in sub-assemblies, the weapons, and turrets, including the turret and battle cannon.

Baneblade Options

baneblade build 2 Next step, after subassembly, is to dry fit everything to be sure everything properly fits together. Some guns can be magnetized during the sub-assembly phase to switch out. This can be accomplished by drilling a hole and gluing a magnet into each end, making sure that they will stick together.

Variant Setup

baneblade build 3

The interior plates need to be magnetized with 3/8″ magnets, which gives the ability to add the sponsons on. With the sponsons, glue in thin strips of tin to attach to the magnets. The metal strips are great since they lie flat and do not require drilling into the thin bits itself as well as not having to worry about polarity.

Sometimes you will have to fiddle with where you are gluing things to make sure everything adds up. This also works perfectly for the plates and covers that go in place of the sponsons, depending on the build you are looking for.

Also add a tin plate onto the front of the front of the Shadowsword interphase top, to magnetize the weapons options. Continue to dry fit options and be sure each piece can lock in properly. For the side stubbers in the crew area of the Shadowsword, add in blue tack when you are putting the pieces together since there isn’t a good way to magnetize these pieces in.

Otherwise, that is how to get the Baneblade set up for different forms. There will be quite a bit of work, measuring, and readjusting to get everything to fit in properly, but the results can be worth the effort.

To see the entire process, be sure to press play on the video below!

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