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This week’s Wyrd Preview is something new. Come and check out The Obsidian Gate. A new global campaign for Through The Breach.

Through the Breach is a miniatures game that is set in the ever-expanding world of Malifaux where steam power collides with magic, monsters, and the wild west for a one of a kind tabletop experience.

Let’s see what Wyrd Games has to say about The Obsidian Gate an exciting new upcoming global campaign:

Through The Breach

The Obsidian Gate is the latest Worldwide Campaign for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. Groups participating in the campaign will receive a free four-act adventure allowing them to take part in an epic story that will shape the world of Malifaux for years to come.

The adventure comes with quick play rules and pregenerated characters, so whether or not you know the Through the Breach system, The Obsidian Gate is a great time to start playing!

This adventure begins on March 19th and take place over 4 Acts. Each Act will have a 3 week span before the next Act is complete, so the adventure will wrap up around June 11th.

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How Do I Sign Up?

In order to participate, the player who wants to serve as Fatemaster (or narrator) for their group must sign up below. Fatemasters can sign up for The Obsidian Gate at any point up through April 29th. At that point, new Fatemasters will no longer be able to join the event.

When The Obsidian Gate launches, everyone who has signed up for the adventure will be given access to a special forum on our website. This forum will contain the quick play rules, the pregenerated characters, and the first Act of the adventure. Players must use the provided pregenerated characters when playing through the adventure in order for the session to count toward the Worldwide Campaign results, and any characters that are killed cannot be used in subsequent sessions (on account of being dead). Players are free to swap between characters from one Act to another, though most people prefer to stick with one character the whole way through

Through The Breach Train

At the end of each session, the Fatemaster simply logs the results in the form below, including the names of their players, which characters they chose to play, which Other Side faction the Fatemaster wishes to support, and a description of how the adventure went.  Fatemasters have until June 11th to report their sessions.

Every three weeks, the next Act of The Obsidian Gate, along with advanced versions of the pregenerated characters, will be made available to participating Fatemasters, according to the following schedule:

  • March 19th: Act I
  • April 9th: Act II
  • April 29th: Last Day for Fatemaster sign up.
  • April 30th: Act III
  • May 21st: Act IV
  • June 11th: Last day to report sessions
Please consider whether you’re willing to run all four Acts and submit your results before signing up for the campaign.
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At the end of The Obsidian Gate, the number of times each character was played in each Act will be tabulated and added to the faction votes of the Fatemasters. The Faction (Abyssinia, Court of Two, Cult of the Burning Man, Gibbering Hordes, Guild, Kimon, King’s Empire, or Three Kingdoms) with the highest score will have one of that faction’s characters turned into a special adjunct for their Allegiance in The Other Side.

The Obsidian Gate sounds like a neat way to recruit new players and entices veterans of Through The Breach to join this global campaign. Talk to your local game store or gaming club today and spread the word about this awesome news from Wyrd Games.

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