Celestine Returns! Sisters of Battle Cosplay

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celestine cosplay

Saint Celestine returns! Don’t miss this amazing Sisters of Battle Cosplay that was spotted at Starcon recently, as this costume, deserves a good bit of recognition.

Let’s check out what the designer has to say about it herself.

Courtesy of Polinavish on imgur, the creator of this masterpiece. We want to give her some recognition.

Who is Celestine?

saint celestine Celestine Returns! Sisters of Battle Cosplay

Sisters of Battle have always been a crowd favorite. Celestine is the first thing you think about when someone mentions Sisters of Battle. She is a force that comes and goes. Saving the Imperium’s soldiers at their biggest time of need. The very fact that she was once a living Adeptus Soriritas member herself, and has now ascended into something more powerful proves that the Emporer really does protect.

Saintly Blessings

The Saint herself showed up at Starcon and news is spreading of her outfit like wildfire.

celestine cosplay 1

It is Saint Celestine from Warhammer 40 000 and i love this character

celestine cosplay 2

Armor made from eva foam

celestine cosplay 3

The suit took an incredible 6 months to complete and it was all done by her. The suit’s got working wings and a lighting ensemble to go where most cosplayers don’t go. She really hit the nail on the head for portraying the character. The real question is who wants to help cosplay as her Geminae? 

celestine cosplay 4

We can safely bet that it won’t be long before we see some directions on how she did it. Her pictures are making waves through the Internet. She also said she will be going to more conventions so this definitely won’t be the last of the saint.

The wings are lifted by three actuators and are controlled by a remote control on the Arduino

Celestine Returns! Sisters of Battle Cosplay

Because of all this, she is just getting everyone even more hyped about plastic Sisters of Battle coming to 40k next year.

As you can imagine, people couldn’t get enough of the saint’s appearance at Starcon. There’s not much more that can top this outfit.  Does this inspire you to get into cosplay? Are you already working on your next outfit? What did you think of her Celestine costume?

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