Ambitious Pryce: Star Wars Destiny

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Governor Pryce

Governor Pryce has set high ambitions for her career in the Empire, and that means that crushing the Rebels is top priority. Give the Heroes something to fear in Star Wars Destiny!

Ambitious Pryce: Star Wars Destiny

Arihnda Pryce, Unscrupulous Governor, has just entered the battlefields of Star Wars Destiny. This 10 health Red Villain is packing some crazy new tactics in her quest to defeat the Rebels.

Ambitious Pryce: Star Wars Destiny

An interesting character die; 2 melee, 1 discard, 1 resource, and 2 special ability sides. Her special ability allows her to change another one of your dice to any side, and if you control the battlefield, you may resolve that die and increase its value by 1. She is awesome with her ability to change your dice to more favorable sides and then resolve them at a higher value. Can’t beat that unscrupulousness!

Art of War

Governor Pryce has worked closely with Admiral Thrawn, and she has learned the Art of War. This 2 cost Red Event allows you to sneak a peek at your opponent’s hand. For each card you revealed, remove a die showing a value that is equal to that card’s cost. This can be a big punishing move after your opponent has activated their characters. Testing Procedure

Governor Pryce continues to hone her skills and has help with new Testing Procedures. This 0 cost Event allows you to activate up to 2 of your supports and if any of those support dice just rolled damage, gain 1 resource. This is a great action chaining card that can give you a bonus resource to perhaps spend on other upgrades or to help resolve dice. This next support would love to try out Testing Procedures! Planetary Bombardment

Position the fleet and prepare for Orbital Bombardment! This massive 6 cost support has the element of surprise with Ambush and may deal indirect damage to an opponent equal to the amount of vehicles you spot. This can help those who wish to focus on support heavy decks, but just having one Orbital Bombardment support may just be worth it. Its die has 4 indirect, 5 indirect, 6 indirect for a resource, 7 indirect for a resource, and 4 disrupt. This powerful support will punish those pesky Rebels wherever they may be hiding!

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