Best AVP Models Yet: Predator Elders & Aliens Evolved

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Best AVP Models Yet: Predator Elders & Aliens Evolved

More Aliens and Predators emerge from the shadows, ready to do battle with everyone they encounter! Take a look at these additions to the AVP game!

Prodos Games has released quite a few items for their AVP line. Take a look at these fantastic new figures and be sure to watch the entire review below!

avp unicast

Predator Elders £ 30.00

avp predator elders

The leader of a clan is that warrior who is the most experienced and has lived through countless Hunts. Risen from the ranks of the Elite, often having several xenomorph Queen kills in their tally, his job is to oversee and train Youngbloods, administer and watch over Hunts and lead the clan in off-world matters in the matriarch’s stead. A single Elder can be found in command of an entire mothership of yautja. It is he that determines the location and targets for a Hunt.

These miniatures are fantastic and have so much detail including webbing on the armor and the flooring on the base. Each of these models has a slightly different pose and definitely tells a story based on what they are doing. Overall, absolutely fantastic models that show off the crazy alien physique and will look amazing on the game board.

Alien Praetorian Unicast £ 20.00

alien praetorian

When a new hive is on the rise, or when a Queen has been killed, a new adolescent Queen is evolved from the Royal Guard. Often referred to as a Praetorian, in this stage of mutation the creature is stronger and faster than a Royal Guard, but less destructive than a fully transformed Queen. Sometimes, several Royal Guard will evolve simultaneously to become Praetorians and the strongest of them will continue on to eventually grow into the Queen.

The Praetorian is on a 40mm base and is definitely larger than the Predator Elders. They are posed fantastically, ready to strike at their enemies.

Structurally, it is similar to the Alien King, though without some of the extra details. However, the sculpts are fantastic and have plenty of details sculpted into the skin and base.

Alien Evolved Warriors Unicast £ 20.00

alien evolved warriors

Classified as Evolved Warriors, company scientists believe they are an evolutional dead-end and once their metamorphosis has finished, it will change no more after that. It is theorized that their evolution is due to an immediate need that the hive requires, but not as a long term creation. Whatever the reasoning is behind these monsters, they should be engaged with extreme caution, as each one is different and there is no way to determine what capabilities it has until it has displayed them.

The evolved Warriors have two different poses: one sitting and one attacking. They are about the same size as the Predators. The sculpts have fantastic detail, from each ridge on their tail to the terrain they are infiltrating.

Overall, very cool and will look amazing on the tabletop.

These models are absolutely fantastic and definitely worth adding to any collection. For more AVP items, be sure to check out Prodos Games. To see the entire review, as well as the rules for these models, press play on the video below!

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