Iron Warriors: Conversion Within & Without

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This week’s showcases is a masterpiece of spliced bits. Behold a most prized Iron Warriors Warmachine in all his glory!

This mini was created by Brush-Life Studios. Painted in Iron Warriors colors, it’s actually just the world’s most intricate Daemon Prince conversion. Let’s get a closer look at this work of art! Can you spot all the bits he used?

Iron Warriors: Conversion Within & Without

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This walker is like no other. Just at first glance, we can see bits from an Armiger, a Tau battlesuit, a Daemon Prince, and the list goes on. We aren’t even sure where the chains came from but it really adds another level of intricacy.

jetfire 3

The mini looks ages-old and is about as fluffy as an Iron Warriors unit could get. It’s not afraid to flaunt its black and yellow hazard stripes.

jetfire 4

Models that are crafted this well create a certain fear-factor on the tabletop just based on looks! Imagine seeing this Daemon Prince barrel into your poor Marines and pulverize them with his double-barreled thunder hammer.

jetfire 5

Who needs wings when you have futuristic jet thrusters? This Daemon is way ahead of the curb on all of his other Warp brothers. The conversion looks a lot like Jetfire from the Transformer movie, doesn’t it? Just a more beefy, scary, mobile version.

jetfire transformer

jetfire 6

Fantastic work to the creator and painter of this masterpiece! You’ve inspired more hobbyists out there to push the boundaries of their conversions. Check out Brush-Life Studios. for all your conversion and painting needs.

Don’t be afraid to throw some spare bits together and make some unique centerpieces! Would you like to see more models like this? Do you have a Daemon Prince conversion?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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