Who’s Tougher In 40k Kill Team: Death Guard or GSC

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If you didn’t know, Kill Team is full of factions to pick from, and some are beefier than others. Let’s look at how a game GSC Vs. Death Guard played out.

We all know how hard and annoying it is to go up against Death Guard. It’s especially brutal in Kill Team. They still have a higher toughness than most things and still get the 5+++ FNP.  Genestealer Cult have some studs too. Aberrants tread the path of the swole and give Death Guard a run for their money.

Who’s Tougher In 40k Kill Team: Death Guard or GSC

GSC aberrant Who's Tougher In 40k Kill Team: Death Guard or GSC - Spikey Bits

Genestealer Cult is the Kill Team that has a pseudo “cult ambush” when compared to 40k. At the start of the game, on a 5+, a model can move as if it were in the movement phase. It’s pretty useful but if you get caught out of position, you could just be throwing kill points at your opponent.

The star units in the Cult Kill Team are the Aberrants and the Acolytes with Rock Saws. Let’s break down the wombo combo here.

Aberrants are the Body Builders of 40K

aberrant 1

Aberrants get two attacks a pop at high strength and multi-damage. If you take the pick, it’s minus 1AP D3. Not bad, the hammer is essentially a thunder hammer. Now, these guys aren’t cheap. They sit around 18 points a model but they don’t die either. These are the units that give Death Guard a run for their money. They are only T4 but they have two wounds, a 5+++ FNP, AND reduce the damage by one to a minimum of one.

As it turns out, most things in the Death Guard arsenal are one to two damage. Sure there are some D3 damage power fists, but it usually averages out to one or two damage in the end.  That means that your Aberrant is almost guaranteed to survive at least one round of combat.  He may not even take damage from the 5+++ FNP.

Don’t forget that if you need something really dead, you can give your Aberrants D3 extra attacks with the Frenzied Hammering Stratagem.

The Handyman Acolyte


This Acolyte is the one who everyone is talking about when they say “I know a guy”. If you need something sawed, call him. If you need something dead, call him. Do you need something REALLY dead? Call him. He gets two attacks at Chainfist stats (Sx2, AP-4 D2) at no minus to hit. Whatever you do manage to wound won’t be getting a save against it and it’s two whole damage. In case you didn’t kill the target for whatever reason, use the Industrial Brutality Stratagem and let this model fight again on a 4+. That’s 4 attacks with all the benefits of a Chainfist and none of the negatives.

At the end of the day, he IS just an Acolyte so he can die pretty easy. keep him out of sight and bum rush a poor soul with instant death.

Body Hard Death Guard

death guard 1

Death Guard Marines sit at T5 and get a 5+++ FNP. Their main weakness is that they’re only one wound. Luckily, flesh wounds are a thing in Kill Team which can extend the life of a model long-past what it would be in 40k. They can really chest bump anything into submission if it doesn’t have something like a x2 Strength weapon.

Death Guard can even set up a decent firing base with the blight launchers getting two shots a piece. They can shred up a Kill Team if they take a few turns of sustained fire. If your opponent is smart, they’ll try to get into combat with you so you can’t shoot at them and you’ll end up having models not contributing to anything.

Poxwalker Friends


Poxwalkers can be hard to deal with just because of their 5+++ FNP. They’re cheap and they can get in the way too. A smart Death Guard player will either use Poxwalkers to grab objectives or even stand them in front of other units to make everything behind the Poxwalker -1 to hit.

As a suggestion, shoot the Poxwalker first. Don’t try to ignore it and shoot past it. The model you actually want to kill will be -1 to hit and that means that you won’t kill him or the Poxwalker. Just peel the layer of the onion one at a time.

What do you think about Death Guard and GSC in Kill Team? What Kill Team do you play? How does your Kill Team list look? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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