40k Munchkin Cards & 2 New Expansions Previewed

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Kick down the door on two new Munchkin 40k expansions that were just announced, and check out a slew of card art previews for the new game straight from SJG

Steve Jackson Games decided that 40k deserved a Munchkin twist!  As we’ve gotten closer to 40k Munchkin hitting the shelves, Steve Jackson Games has also begun posting some exclusive pictures under “Designers Commentary” to the website.

Take a look at what’s coming for your favorite board game mashed up with your favorite Grimdark universe.

40k Munchkin Cards & 2 New Expansions Previewed

munchkin 40k box


When we first discussed Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 with Games Workshop, we all knew we wanted an expansion shortly after the core game. There’s so much fun, gameable content in the Warhammer 40,000 universe that a single Munchkin game can’t possibly contain it!

Even before we announced Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 at Gen Con, I was working on the cards for the expansion set Faith and Firepower. I knew we wanted to add a couple of Armies to the six in the core game and I knew we wanted more Chaos monsters and lots more cool Treasures. What I didn’t know was how well this new content would mesh with the cards from the core game.

So What is Munchkin?

Munchkin is probably one of the most fun board games you’ll ever play. It’s basically an adventure game where all the players will try to level up and get through the end without dying to a horrible “monster” or getting stabbed in the back by their friends.

munchkin 1

You can pick up random equipment and help your buddies or completely screw them over. Remember, it’s all about your personal gain in the end!

munchkin 2

Munchkin has a board game for just about any setting you can think of. Classic DND style, Western, and Cthulu just to name a few. Very soon, Warhammer 40k will be added to the list. So what’s the word on the 40k version?

New 40k Munchkin Cards Revealed

Exclusive Warhammer 40k Munchkin Cards SPOTTED


“Monsters” in Munchkin 40k are going to be characters from all different races found across the galaxy. Try to stay as far away from the ones that are especially good at hurting you.

40k munch 1

40k munch 3

There are monsters in the game (just like every Munchkin game) that will specifically hate on a certain kind of faction. No one is safe in the Grimdark universe.

40k munch 4

Weapons & Gear

As you play the game, you’ll find gear that can help you in your next battle. It’s nice to see that Munchkin is still bringing their puns to a universe where survival and hope are myths.

40k weapon munch 1


40k weapon munch 2

40k weapon munch 3


40k weapon munch 4

40k Munchkin Card Packs Previewed

Coming from Steve Jackson Games, Card expansions are already being revealed to us. One is a Sisters of Battle Vs. Tau theme and the latest, Space Wolves Vs. Thousand Sons.

munchkin 40k pack 2

For Faith and Firepower, there will be two new army cards (obviously SOB and Tau.) Look for 112 cards inside the expansion for the two factions. It’s still in production as of right now so keep an eye out for an official date!

munchkin 40k cards

Looking at the latest expansion announced, Savagery and Sorcery will have Space Wolves and Thousand Sons going head to head. It’ll have 112 cards in this expansions as well and is actually scheduled to release in July 2019.

Savagery and Sorcery is supposed to follow the Faith and Firepower expansion mentioned above. It’s odd that they have a rough release date for the second expansion, but not the first.

Which faction will you be playing in 4ok Munchkin? Have you played other Munchkin games before? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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