Slowfuse’s New Bomb Wick Artillery Brushes Arrive!

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Come and see what’s new from Slowfuse Gaming as we take a look at their latest and greatest line of Bomb Wick Brushes to date!

Slowfuse is always trying to come up with ways to improve their amazing brushes. to give you a better product in the end. There new line of Bomb Wick Artillery are no exception

Let’s See what Slowfuse has to say about this new product.


The all-new Bomb Wick Artillery workhorse brushes are here and ready to go!

Replacing the Utility set in our lineup, the Artillery brush set brings a new, shorter handle length, heavy-duty ferrule crimp and new sizes. You even get an additional brush in each set!

Bomb Wick Artillery Brush Set$ 26.99


The Bomb Wick Artillery Brush Set replaces our Utility brushes to give you the perfect set for everyday detailing, weathering, drybrushing, washing, basing and other harsher techniques that might make your natural bristle brushes cringe. They do all that and still hold a great point and are capable of just about anything you throw at them. High quality synthetic bristles will give you tons of use and are great for just about any paint – acrylics, enamels, lacquers, oils, basing acrylics, etc.

Set Contains –
x1 BAB – Large basing / vehicle / drybrush

x1 DB1 – 1/8″ Angled Drybrush (NEW to the set!)

x1 DB2 – 1/4″ Angled Drybrush

x1 BW2 – #2 Round Basecoat / Wash / Detail

x1 BW4 – #4 Round

x1 BW6 – #6 Round (NEW to the set!)

These brushes are designed to be the workhorse of your painting operation. A top-notch brush set to use when you don’t want to sacrifice quality but wouldn’t dare to use natural hair brushes on techniques like drybrushing.

These new brushes are a great product for a great price make sure you check out Slowfuse Gaming for all your hobby paint brush needs!

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