New 40k Stratagems & Rules For Genestealer Cult Spotted!

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New rules previews are here for Warhammer 40k’s Genestealer Cult support that are lurking right around the corner in February! Don’t miss the latest!

GW decided to hit us with some Stratagems and the new ambush mechanic out of the Genestealer Codex first. Here is some of what the Cult are bringing against the forces of the Galaxy!

GSC Previewed Ambush Mechanic

gsc ambush

The way we know GSC right now, we have a Cult Ambush table. This table really doesn’t come into affect until turn two and can really screw you over if you roll badly. Luckily, Games Workshop has decided to spice up the way the Cult ambushes.

You can either Setup underground or Setup in Ambush.

Setting up Underground

GSC aberrant Who's Tougher In 40k Kill Team: Death Guard or GSC - Spikey Bits

During deployment, you can set up Infantry and Bike units with the Cult Ambush ability underground. At the end of any of your Movement phases, some or all of these units can emerge anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9″ from enemy models.

This is essentially like a normal deepstriking rule. However, your units don’t have to have Jump Packs or teleporters like most other squads in 40k. Bikers and Infantry do it naturally.

Setting up in Ambush

genestealer cult wal hor RUMORS: More Genestealer Cult Codex Rules Spotted!

Instead of setting up a unit underground or on the battlefield, you can choose to place an ambush marker anywhere within your deployment zone. You can place a marker for each unit you choose to set up an ambush – even Transports and larger Vehicles such as a Cult Leman Russ can be set up in this manner!

The real kicker with this ability is that you don’t have to dictate which blip marker goes to a unit. You can flip a blip counter over and choose a unit to put down on the spot.



gsc blips

28 Blip tokens come with the Cult Codex

Getting a deeper look into the blip system, if you manage to go first, you can turn the blips up and place your units down. However, if your opponent has the first turn, your opponents can’t come within 9″ of them. Then, you reveal all of your tokens at the end of their movement phase. When you reveal a token, you must set up the unit within 1″ of the blip marker and wholly within your deployment zone.  This is definitely going to force your opponent into an unwanted mind game.

Just don’t place anything that you don’t want to be charged up front! Your opponent may be able to connect with something that shouldn’t be in combat.

Cult Stratagems

gsc scanner decoys

Speaking of mind games, you can spend 1Cp to place four additional decoys. This gives you more options to place units you want and force your opponent to think there are actually more threats on the field than there really are.

gsc they came from below

If you’d rather have some of your units in ambush come in 9″ away from a key target, you can pop 1Cp for They Came From Below and place them underground. They behave like normal deepstriking units. -This just gives you flexibility and speed for your games against tricky armies.

gsc a perfect ambush

A perfect Ambush is expensive at 3CP, however, it lets a unit arriving from ambush either move D6 inches (looking at you Genestealers) or immediately shoot. Note that the unit can still shoot in the shooting phase and even charge.

gsc hyper metabolism

GSC have a lot of squishy characters. In fact, the one with the best save is the Patriarch with only a 4+ armor. You can spend 1CP to regain D3 lost wounds which isn’t half bad. You can bring your Magus right back to full health after he suffers a Perils or keeps your Patriarch in good fighting condition.

Ultimately, Genestealer Cult are stacking up to be a very “finessing” army. They aren’t a bruiser faction that can go toe-to-toe with something like the firepower from Tau. However, they are extremely strong at having answers and putting key units in the right place at the right time. That just so happens to be enough to make them lethal in their own right.

What do you think about the previewed Cult Stratagems so far? Do you think the Ambush ability of the faction got stronger? What previews would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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