And Now You Will Die: SW Legion Emperor Tactics

By Barclay Montgomery | March 22nd, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Legion, Star Wars Tactics

Emperor Palpatine

And now you will experience the full power of Star Wars Legion! The Emperor will be a Force to be reckoned with and he has a Royal Entourage this time.

Bringing in a new series of articles focusing on Legion, we have you covered as far as tactics and tips go. The Emperor is the most powerful Force user in the galaxy and it sure shows with his unlimited power.

The Emperor Character
Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine may be an expensive commander at 210 points, but he brings abilities that no other unit has in Legion. With the ability to equip up to 3 different Force powers, Palpatine’s skills are unmatched with Master of the Force 2, allowing him to refresh 2 Force powers after he activates. His attack pool is impressive as well with 2 red, 2 black, and 2 white dice and topping it all off with the Suppressive keyword. But he won’t stop there. He needs more power! Emperor Palpatine

With the “And Now…You Will Die” command card, Palpatine may suffer 1 wound and gain 1 suppression token to perform an attack, and perform this any number of times. Also, after Palpatine performs this attack, the defender gains 1 immobilized token. When you absolutely need to blast some Rebels repeatedly with some Force Lightning, this command will get you where the Emperor needs to go. Taking wounds may seem like a bad trade off, unless you consider his growing Anger. Anger

Anger is a Force power that allows Palpatine to gain 1 aim token after he suffers 1 or more wounds. With “And Now…You Will Die”, each time he performs an attack he suffers 1 wound, and in turn will gain 1 aim token to help him re-roll up to 2 of his dice. Since he can perform this any number of times, he will get an aim token as well to help blast those Rebels!Imperial Royal Guards

All of this exertion can be taxing on the Emperor, so his Royal Guards need to defend and protect him. The Imperial Royal Guards are a Special Forces unit that can guard the Emperor and attack effectively with melee weapons. Emperor Palpatine also helps keep his guards close by with the Entourage: Imperial Royal Guards ability which allows you to ignore the rank of 1 Royal Guard unit when building your army. The Royal Guard, in turn, have Guardian 2 which helps them cancel 2 hit results when a friendly trooper at range 1 defends against an attack. This will help protect the Emperor after he goes all out on his attacks. Electrostaff Guard

The Royal Guards are melee experts, so it is only wise to include an Electrostaff Guard. This upgrade adds 1 electrostaff guard mini to their unit and allows him to ignore Pierce. This upgrade will give the electrostaff mini an attack of 2 black dice, and he can only use this weapon when attacking. Combined with the Royal Guard ability of Charge, they can move and melee attack in 1 action. Use your unlimited power to defeat the Rebels in Star Wars Legion!

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