Save Some Serious Hobby $$$: Horus Heresy on Humble Bundle

By Wesley Floyd | March 19th, 2019 | Categories: Black Library, Horus Heresy, News / Rumors


Humble Bundle has the deal of the year going on! Now’s the time to start, or get caught up on your Horus Heresy lore for just a few dollars!

Humble Bundle is a website that lets customers donate different amounts of money to get access to certain content. Sometimes its games, movies, books, etc. The proceeds go to charity! Right now, they’re running a limited time offer on some of the classic Horus Heresy books as an e-Book download. Do your favorite Primarch a favor and read about his role during the most pivotal point in mankind’s history!

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Horus Heresy Books Humble Bundle

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For just $1, you can get filled in one Roboute’s influence during the Heresy, how the Imperial Fists waged war, and discover how the Sigilite served the Emperor of Mankind in his prime. humble bundle hh 2

Want to dig into Fulgrim and Leman Russ? Or how the Loyalist Legions found out about Horus’s betrayal? Just donate $8 or more and unlock all kinds of titles!

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Moving all the way up to $15, you get access to this whole list of books! Uncover the hidden details that lead to Horus betraying the one who created him. This could be the cheap doorway you’ve been looking for to get you into 30k! Why not donate a few bucks to charity, sit down with a book about your favorite Primarch, and enjoy!

As of writing this, the Humble Bundle deal only has two days left on the clock. Take full advantage of this offer while everything lasts! You won’t be able to find these books cheaper anywhere else. Which book is your favorite out of the Horus Heresy timeline? Did Magnus really do nothing wrong? Which book should new hobbyists read first? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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