True Metal Metallics Made Easy: Painting Grey Knights

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painting grey knightsWyatt from Jack of Clubs Painting is bringing us a sweet Grey Knights Tutorial, just in time for 40k’s Psychic Awakening.

For a nice change, Wyatt actually gives us a full list of the paints we will be using at the start of the video, so if we want to follow along we can get our hobby area prepped and ready to go. You don’t have to pause the video and dig around!

True Metal Metallics Made Easy: Painting Grey Knights

Wyatt Turk Grey Knights

We will need Pro Acryl Dark Silver, Silver, Bronze, Bright Gold, Transparent Blue, Light Umber, Light warm Grey, and Bright Ivory.

Plus the Mr.Hobby weathering system consisting of Multi Black and Solvent.

You can also use some of your own choices for Gloss Varnish, Dark Blue, Medium/Royal Blue, Light Blue, White, Dark Red, and Bright Red.

Jack of Clubs Painting on Twitch

true scale grey knightWyatt’s choice of model for this tutorial is actually an alternative model, but all the techniques will be identical. First, he starts off with a simple black primer.

grey knight silverfiedNext, he fills his pot with Dark Silver and one drop of Transparent Blue. He does over almost the entire model except the deepest crevices. Then, he highlights the model with Silver and one drop of Transparent Blue.

grey knight detailsAfter that, he brushes in some base details. He takes black to the joints and a few minor places. Then uses Light Umber on the tabard and other areas that will be a light-colored bone color. He goes over that with Light Warm Grey. He follows up by covering the rear cape with a Dark Red and highlights with a lighter red. He takes a bit of creative freedom and makes the purity seals wax Light Blue. He also Does all of the trim in Bronze.

Grey knight washedNext up he begins the wash process. He covers the model in solvent and goes over it slowly with multi black, then cleans it up as it dries with the solvent, making sure it doesn’t pool up in any unnatural areas.

grey knight dry brushedAfter that, he heavily dilutes some translucent blue and creates a sort of pin wash. After it dries, he highlights the silver armor by dry brushing the same silver over the washed silver. He does this same method with the bronze. He highlights the wax with Light Blue. He uses some very thin Light Warm Grey to highlight the tabard and then dry brushes some ivory over that. He takes an optional step and does the eyes here as well.

Grey Knight power bladeNext up is the power weapon blade. He uses Dark Blue in the airbrush to imitate the typical fractalized power blade that people tend to do. He also highlights that with Light Blue, then again with White. After airbrushing, he dry brushes that white onto the edges of the blade.

grey knight complete

And with that, he is complete! If you want to hear Wyatt’s break down, watch the full video below.

Follow along with the latest from Jack of Clubs on YouTube below or LIVE on Twitch four nights a week!  

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