Making This Space Marine a Primaris Wouldn’t Make Sense Either

Space Marine walpaperThere is one Space Marine that just wouldn’t make sense to update over to a Primaris version, but he is probably in the minority for the chapter…

Dante, the Chapter Master of the Blood Angels, was skipped in line for the GW Primaris support when Blood of Baal dropped. But why?

With GW bringing back the main characters of Chapters as Primaris first, (i.e, Marneus Calgar, Kor’sarro Khan, Kayvaan Shrike, etc.), did they have good reason to skip over Dante for Mephiston? Take a look at these possible reasons and be sure to tell us what you think.

 Mephiston Got a New Model For the Psychic Theme?

MephistonAs we said, Mephiston is the first-named character out of the Blood Angels to become Primaris. Looking at the theme of Psychic Awakening, it makes sense for GW to bring Mephiston an updated model for the sake of “being psychic-themed” in the current lore setting. People are unlocking their psychic potential across the galaxy unexpectedly, the Sleeper is awake (whoever it is…Could be the Emperor, could be a Necron). But the general theme is that Librarians and psychically-adept warriors are rising up.

So it makes sense to see Mephiston get the spotlight. However, it’s odd that in the Psychic Awakening Blood Angel support wave, they didn’t get any new psychic powers. Even more so, they didn’t get any new relics or Stratagems that play off of psychic shenanigans in the slightest. So is this a good reason why Dante was skipped over for Mephiston? Maybe there’s something deeper in lore from a long time ago.

Sanguinius’ Prophecy and Dante’s Interpretation of it

commander dante lore hor wal

Before Sanguinius got yeeted by Horus, he would have visions, dreams, and prophetic glimpses into the future. He even predicted his own death. But with that said, there was a prophecy where Sanguinius mentioned that at the end times, a golden angel would fight next to the Emperor.

As I am fated to, so too did this golden warrior lay down his life to protect my father. The precious seconds he bought with his blood could change everything, or they could change nothing. Maybe the vision is false. I pray the future is mutable, and so it has proved in the past. All but the moment that draws near, the reckoning when I must face my brother. That I cannot avoid.

I do not know who this golden warrior was. He appeared similar to my Herald, and I saw my own face depicted upon his mask, but he was not me, and he wore a form of armour I do not know. It is certain that he was one of my sons, and whether his sacrifice will prove to be in vain or not, I know this: that he was a noble warrior, true and purer than any of his age, and I love him for that, for it means that my works for the Emperor, at least, have not been undertaken in vain, and that my unavoidable death might also prove fruitful.

Going off of Sanguinus’ vision, it could be the Sanguinor or Dante. (or maybe just a lone Sanguinary Guard). But we’ve already talked about the Sanguinor in an earlier post, so let’s dig into Dante a bit.


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Will Dante Die Protecting the Emperor?

Blood angels dante

So, Dante is old in age (We’re talking grand-daddy status even for Space Marines) and it’s slowly beginning to show. During the Devastation of Baal, he had a rough time with a few Tyranids and eventually got stabbed in the chest by one before melting his face off with his inferno pistol. (albeit, it was a Swarmlord).

Of course, GW gives all named characters plot armor, but maybe Dante is too old to cross the Rubicon Primaris. Looking at the Sanguinius prophecy from above, it mentioned a golden warrior who wore a mask that was similar to Sanguinius’ face. This all fits the bill for Dante. However, it also mentioned a form of armor that Sanguinius couldn’t recognize. With that being put on the table, it’s possible that Dante COULD also be moved to a Primaris version eventually, getting something like the new Phobos-pattern armor we’re seeing. But, in either case, Sanguinius also said that this character would die protecting Big E.

And it’s not likely that GW would bring a character a brand new model only to have him eventually killed off. (It’s just not smart to do business-wise).

With both sides having a good argument for Dante dying in a noble way, or possibly crossing the Rubicon Primaris, what do you think will happen? If Dante does die, would you like to see a new named character become Chapter Master? Or someone like Mephiston assume the role Marvel civil war style?

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