GW Releases Rapid-Fire Airbrushing Tutorials (Minus Duncan)

gw-airburshes-now Citadel Airbrush PaintWanna learn how to airbrush? A new 4 part tutorial series is here from GW showcasing airbrushing techniques using their paints, sadly minus Duncan…

Citadel Air paints are going to get the spotlight in the next little bit from GW. Warhammer Community announced a series of painting guides specifically geared toward airbrushing your minis. Here’s everything you need to know.

GW Announces First-Ever Airbrushing Tutorials

As a fresh start into 2020, GW announced that they would start dropping painting tutorials on how to use an airbrush. These videos from Warhammer TV look to come in batches within a day of each other. And they provide quick step-by-step tips on what to do, should you go the airbrush route.

Since Duncan left the GW painting scene, someone else has stepped in and is bringing a new element to GW’s range of videos.

citadel airbrush wal 2 The latest painter to join the Citadel team is Caleb Wissenback from  CK Studios.  Keep in mind that we’re still seeing painters like Peachy from time-to-time give a quick manual brush tutorial right now as well.

ck studiosCaleb is mainly a traveling airbrush teacher that holds private classes for those who want to get better at what they do!

citadel airbrush 1All the paints used in the video look to be from the Citadel Air line from GW.  However, the airbrush used in the video is not for Games Workshop. That’s not to say that they won’t ever throw their own airbrush/compressor on the shelves in the future.

As for the airbrush used in the video, it looks to be the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution. We’ve done a video review on its lighter counterpart, the H&S Evolution AL, in case you were looking for something more high speed.

Citadel’s Airbrushing Paint Guide Series

citadel airbrush basecoatingWith the first video in the series being on Basecoating, this is the first step that’s done beyond actually priming your model. Of course, they use only Citadel products in the video. However, Caleb also offers two different ways of giving your model a good basecoat. Which, both are easy to do with an airbrush and a steady hand.

Video 2: Shading

citadel airbrush shadingIn the next video of the series, Caleb shows how to add more depth to the mini by shading techniques. This is all just done with a darker color than what you base-coated the model with while only touching the areas where you think you would see a shadow. A good way to test this it to hold a light directly over your model and take note of where the shadows fall within the cracks of the detail.

Video 3: Highlights

citadel airbrush highlightsNext, there’s a video on highlights where Caleb picks a slightly brighter color than the base and touches up the areas where light would hit it the most. This adds a much smoother effect on the model that’s near impossible to capture on a manual brush.

Video 4: Filters

citadel airbrush contrastFinally, the latest video is a filter process done with contrast paint over the entire model. This is to give the mini a nice transparent layer of paint, smooth out the color flow, and hide any mistakes you might’ve made. And yes, this is done with Contrast paint.

The big takeaways from all of this is that GW is starting to modernize itself with the current painting tech that’s growing in popularity.

With the latest string of airbrushing videos covered, will you be upgrading your hobby table with an airbrush?

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