9th Edition Space Marines NERF Hidden In Plain Sight?

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Warhammer Community may have spilled the beans about a Space Marines 9th Edition 40k rules NERF a bit too early. Check this out!

Warhammer Community wrote a “top 5 units to branch out from Indomitus” post and hidden within the article was a change for the Impulsor. Note that it’s been updated, but only after sitting there for a whole day. Was it a simple typing error or did someone just get ahead of themselves an accidentally showed a change that’s on the way?

We’ll be taking a look at what was spotted and what it could mean.

Is This A Space Marine Nerf Hidden In Plain Sight?

primaris impulsorSo here’s what was originally posted about the Impulsor being a good pick for your Primaris Marines:

impulsor invulnThe Impulsor was first mentioned as having a 5++ invuln with the shield dome. According to the 40k app and the current codex, the Impulsor has a 4++ invuln save.

That is a pretty huge difference, and such a sloppy “mistake” for the Warhammer Community team to make as well.  Since the post has now been updated, could this have been a simple mistake or it could have been somebody getting ahead of themselves referencing a change coming in the 9th Edition Space Marine Codex?

Let’s look at the overall potential of the unit and see if things would be fairer to give it a 5++ invuln.

How Good is the Impulsor & Is It Worth A NERF?

impulsor wal primaris tank space marinesFor starters, it’s cheap, fast transport, and the only Primaris vehicle of its kind with wargear that gives an invulnerable save. It’s also got a bonkers ability that lets the transport move and THEN the models inside can disembark. The only tradeoff is that the units that jump out can’t charge. That’s still an extra 14″ threat range for the unit inside.

Imagine bringing three Impulsors with a squad of Hellblasters in each one. Getting the first turn could mean that you melt the opponent’s frontline and then they have to deal with over 30 wounds in their face.  It is also great for a two-for scoring threat in 9th Edition 40k now as well!

After the points adjustments for 9th Edition, the Impulsor went up. But seeing that everything else went up, it still looks like a highly competitive option. The cheapest you can get an Impulsor with a shield dome is 131pts.

That’s a M 14″ T7 W11 3+/4++ chassis that, with the new smaller table lengths, can get in your face turn one. Seems totally worth it.

codex space marinesUltimately, we’ll have to see what all gets updated in the coming Space Marine codex. Assuming this wasn’t just a simple error that was fixed later, it seems like a 5++ invuln may be a more “fair” option for the Impulsor.


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What do you think about the Impulsor going from a 4++ to a 5++? Is a 4++ on a 130pt T7 chassis too strong? Do you think this was all just an error on a keyboard that was fixed?  

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