Chapter Approved 2020 May Replace The 9th Edition Rulebook

9th Edition 40k rumorsIf you missed out on Indomitus it looks like you may not need the new 9th Edition 40k rulebook, and can just use Chapter Approved 2020 instead!

Taking what we know about the rulebook as well as a recent from Games Workshop’s store listing for the Grand Tournament Chapter Approved 2020 book, it seems like we may not even need to shell out $65 for GW’s binding of 9th’s rules. Here’s why that may be the case…

9th EditionCore Book $65

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9th ed core bookThis core book is coming packed with everything you need to play 9th Edition. It doesn’t just cover the basic phases of the game, it also has every detail on all the rare rules, secondary objectives, missions, etc. We would say that, of all the rulebooks that have come out in the past, this is the most important one as far as the content inside goes.

However, after taking a close look at what’s coming inside the Grand Tournament book for Chapter Approved, the core rulebook might be less essential from what we initially thought.

Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament: $40

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chapter approved 2020 9thOn top of a new Edition, Chapter Approved is coming out with updated points for every unit and wargear across all factions (that’s the blue book). However, let’s turn our attention to the red book. This is the Grand Tournament mission pack, which should have everything you need for game day. From missions to objectives, it’s got it all in one consolidated binding.

CA GT 1If you go to GW’s site and look for the Chapter Approved listing, (which is only $40 compared to the $64 core rulebook), you’ll see a table of contents.

CA GT 2Zooming in a bit, we can make out what each page section is dedicated to, being:

  • GT 2020 Games
  • Secondary Objectives
  • Tournament Scoring
  • Battle Ready
  • Incursion Missions
  • Strike Force Missions
  • 40k Basic Rules (also a free download from GW)
  • Actions
  • Stratagems
  • Strategic Reserves
  • Terrain Features
  • Objective Markers
  • Rare Rules
  • Rules Terms Glossary
  • Blank Tournament Scoring Sheet

The stuff we’ve highlighted in red are the things that are probably going to be most essential to learn for Matched Play games in 9th Edition and they’re all found in the GT book from what we can tell. It’s worth mentioning as well that the basic rules for 9th Edition are also available from GW as a free PDF that you can download and print off.

Chapter Approved 2020 May Replace The 9th Edition Rulebook

question chaos marine hor walThe only time we can see someone possibly needing a core rulebook, which Chapter Approved GT doesn’t cover could possibly a game size other than Incursion and Strike Force, if they are wanting to do some Narrative/Open Play, or play some Crusade games (which is probably going to be the most popular). Or if you want all the new Indomitus fluff really.

We’re not saying that the core rulebook is completely pointless with the release of Chapter Approved. However, you shouldn’t need to bring both the core book and Chapter Approved with you on tournament day.

On the other hand, if Crusade or other forms of gaming besides Matched Play don’t spark your interest…Then you could also probably get by without having a core book altogether.

Indomitus Box Set Pre-Order: 

As of this writing, the price has settled back down on the Indomitus starter set as well, and Amazon currently has a supply marked for release on July 25th with a delivery date of August 4-6 2020.

Indomitus box

Indomitus is a phenomenal set. The culmination of some of the best work our miniatures, rules, lore and art teams have ever made, this box takes everything that makes Warhammer 40,000 incredible and puts it in one place. Two huge collections of amazing, brand-new models are packaged with the full Core Book – everything a 40K hobbyist needs to hit the ground running in the new edition. 

We’ve got a pretty good guess on how much value the 9th Edition 40k Idomintus Box Set has inside.

What are your thoughts on Chapter Approved coming packed with all the rules you need to play? Will you be grabbing a core book just to play Crusade games? Have you found past core rulebook releases to be somewhat pointless? 

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