New Necron Indomitus Units 40k Rules, Points, & Sprues!

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Indomitus Skorpekh Destroyers 2The Necron faction is getting that much-needed army overhaul starting with Indomitus, and today we have their points, rules, and more!

Necron’s new model line is starting with the Indomitus Box Set at the beginning of 9th Edition. The Necron half of the box is all-new Necron models with updated points and we’ve got all the details here for you. Let’s jump in.

The points for the new Necron models were spotted on Imgur here.

New Necron Indomitus Units 40k Rules, Points, & Sprues!

Indomitus box armiesHere’s the list of character and non-character datasheets coming for the Necron side of Indomitus!


Overlord white


overlord sprue


overlord statsOverlords now come with a standard-issue Tachyon arrow, which is a once per game S12 shot that is perfect for punching through armor. Even a list with three Overlords can take down something like a Leman Russ in the shooting phase. Plus, with 120″ range, they are relevant anywhere on the battlefield.

As for their weapon options, it looks to have gone down to a single melee weapon, the hyperphase glaive. Currently, in 8th, they can take a hyperphase sword, warscythe, voidscythe, or voidblade.

Another thing to note is that My Will Be Done is a 9″ aura and only adds 1 to the hit roll either in shooting or melee. You have to declare this ability in your Command Phase and this lasts until the start of your next Command Phase.

Relentless March is a new rule that is the second half of the old My Will Be Done rule. However, it’s only a 6″ aura.

Royal Warden

Royal Warden white


Royal Warden sprue


royal warden datasheetThe Royal Warden is looking to be a solid T5 backbone character to seed into the ranks of your blobs of Warriors and Immortals. He’s got a solid four-shot 2-damage gun up close and will let your dudes around him become extra slippery in-game.

Adaptive Strategy has a 9″ aura and lets a unit fall back to shoot and charge later that turn. This is essentially the Raven Guard’s Chapter Litany (which can only go off on a 3+). However, this guy does it for free and has a 9″ range. Big Pimpin.

Overall, the Necron character package inside of the Indomitus Box Set is looking like a heavy buff to the characters at our disposal currently.


Plasmancer white


Plasmancer sprue


plasmancer datasheetThe Plasmancer is a new Cryptek model that has no torso. Looking at his profile, he’s got a decent statline but with one attack and a 4+ Save, don’t ever let this guy see melee. His lance is pretty sweet in shooting and can be useful on just about any target. There’s some kind of aura on this dude that lets him do a Mortal Wound to everyone within 6″ is cool, but not why you’d take him.

Harbinger of Destruction is a slightly better rule than the “… Lightning” rule. You can potentially do 3 Mortal Wounds to something within 18″. It’s basically the army’s way of having a D3 Mortal Wound mechanic similar to smite.


Cryptothralls white


Cryptothralls sprue


cryptothralls datasheetCryptothralls are the butter to the Cryptek’s bread. These guys are the definition of a support/bodyguard unit for your Crypteks. Being T5 and two wounds, they can take a decent amount of small-arms punishment. With that said Crypteks can take them in a detachment without having the unit take up a slot.

Protectors really makes these guys super appealing for Cryptek-heavy lists as enemy units just outright CAN’T target a Cryptek within 3″ of Cryptothralls. That means that these guys get around all the Eliminator spam we’ve been seeing recently. You’ll have to kill the Cryptothralls first. But hey, if they’re in the bottom floor of a building, good luck with that.

Finally, the Systemic Vigour is just a little cherry on top letting them become slightly more deadly with +1 WS/BS as well as giving them an attack characteristic of 6.

Don’t forget Szeras is a keyword Cryptek too.

Skorpekh Lord

Skorpekh Lord white


skorp lord sprue


skorpekh lord datasheetThe Skorpekh Lord is the character version of the Skorpekh Destroyers. Looking at his statline, he is one chunky boy you do not want to stumble across. Even though he’s one thick lad, you still can’t target him under normal conditions because he’s not been put over that 10-wound hump (if that is even a thing anymore). That means he can be a nearly-untargetable T6 wrecking ball that can comfortably move right up to your front line.

As for his weapons, the Enmitic Annihilator leaves something to be desired. The Hyperphase Harvester is definitely the better weapons for killing Primaris or chipping wounds off of armor as it’s basically a thunder hammer profile with an extra AP. Meanwhile, the Flensing Claw is designed to help keep this guy from getting bogged down by fearless screens.

He’s coming with a 4++ invuln and a reroll 1 rule (for himself only). But for his Destroyer keyword friends closeby, he’ll be acting as a Lieutenant.

Skorpekh Destroyers & Plasmacyte

Skorpekh Destroyers white


Skorpekh Destroyers sprue


Plasmacyte white


Plasmacyte sprue


Skorpekh destroyers statsSkorpekh Destroyers are going to be the Necron hotness in the days ahead. The leader of the unit is coming with the Hyperphase Reap-blade that’ll be a S7 3-damage wrecker. The other models in the unit will come with the slightly weaker Hyperphase Threshers, however, you do get an additional attack with the weapon. Overall, all their wargear is multi-damage which is fantastic.

You can take a Plasmacyte, who will inject its Necron goods into the plating of the Destroyers unit giving them +1 Strength and Attack.

In total, one unit of three could have up to 8 multi-damage attacks at S9/S6 while rolling 1’s to hit by themselves. Plus, with an 8″ movement, these dudes will be deceptively quick on the battlefield.

Canoptek Reanimator

Canoptek Reanimator white


Canoptek Reanimator sprue


canoptek reanimator datasheetThis is another support unit that will be great for lists running massive hordes. Being T5 with 6 Wounds, it’s an okay backbone unit for your list. But lacking an invuln save could make this a squishy target for your opponent.

The main reason why you’d take this guy is for his Nano-Scarab Reanimation beam. You trigger this in the Command Phase and a unit within 9″ gets to add 1 to their Reanimation Protocols.

Canoptek Scarab Swarms

Canoptek Scarab Swarms white


scarabs sprue


Scarab swarm statScarabs are still super fast and can have up to six models in a unit. Getting 4 Attacks apiece, you’ll be fishing for 6’s to hit as they auto-wound no matter the toughness.

Necron Warriors

Necron Warriors white


necron warrior sprue


Necron warrior statWarriors have the same basic statline as before but are coming equipped with a new weapon. The new Gauss Reaper is only 14″ max range, however, at S5 and -2 AP, if you’re running a fast melee list, these dudes will be a great supporting fire option to keep closeby.

Their Number is Legion lets them reroll 1’s for reanimation protocols as well. Pairing Warriors with the Canoptek Reanimator, you could be getting more models back from the dead than ever before.

Necron Points Values Inside Indomitus

indomitus necron pointsLooking at the key, everything listed for the Necrons already has wargear included. If you look down the column of units, you won’t have to pay a point more to get started in 9th Edition!

The Canoptek Reanimator is a 110 pt support unit to help your other units get back up more easily. But for 20 pts more, you can get what looks to be the giant gun-walker model, which may be the more popular unit option in the meta. Another big hit will probably be the Cryptothralls being 20 pts/model. They’re an absolute value unit for lists running Crypteks. The Skorpekh Lord and Destroyers also look decently priced.

The Lord is protected by the character keyword but is still a T6, S6-8 beat stick. If you’re running a Skorpekh Lord, there’s also no reason not to run a small support squad of Skorpekh Destroyers either. At 40 pts/model, they’re an investment, but for the potential damage stacked with how quick they can be, they’re also solid. Necrons have always needed more melee support anyway.

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With all of this covered, what do you think the star Necron unit will be? Are Skorpekh Lords going to be the Necron version of a Smash Captain?

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