The 80 Best Alternative Miniature Companies to GW

CLOSED TOP ARMOUR UPGRADE FOR IMPULSORThere is always something better and cheaper out there for your hobby dollars- here is our updated list of 80 alternative miniature companies to GW!

They say competition breeds innovation and lower prices, and for this industry that seems to hold true, somewhat. It’s hard to deny that Games Workshop’s designs for miniatures have made a quantum leap in the last few years.

Part of that is sure to stem from the new 3D computer design and printing technology out there. With the growing hobby world, some talented artists have been bringing the big guns to the table with these alternate bits and kits.

The 80 Best Alternative Miniature Companies to GW

Here are some of the coolest new bits and minis from alternative companies to Games Workshop that you can spice up your armies with.

Heresy Lab

Heresy Lab's Heresy Girls 2.0 Kickstarter FUNDED!Heresy lab has been at it for years, from Kickstarters to their online store, there are a TON of minis for you to hobby on. From pain trains to “not primarchs” there may not be a larger catalog of Imperial wargaming minis on the web.

Hexy Store:

Hexy Sisters

This set includes components to upgrade your Sisters of Mercy vehicles! With it, you will be able to remake some old models to fit your Sisters of Mercy army or give some unique feel to the new ones! 

Looking for some dope accessories for your armies? From bits to acrylic game aides, Hexy Store has you covered!

Wargames Atlantic

Wargames Atlantic focuses in on the footsoldiers of the tabletop. Bringing actual historical models to the tabletop as well as a futuristic blend of past soldiers equipped with advanced wargear. Check out Wargames Atlantic.

Models & Minis

CLOSED TOP ARMOUR UPGRADE FOR IMPULSORModels & Minis offers a whole myriad of tabletop accessories as well as alternative bits to popular factions like Guard, Marines, Orcs, etc. If you’re searching for an off-the-wall bit, there’s a good chance these guys might have it.


titanforge graphicWe’ve had Titan-forge on this list for a while. However, on top of bringing more new models to their entire line, they just did something really unique. They’re now also offering 3D-printable PDF files of models on their Patreon

They’ve got ALL KINDS of options, and for the rest of March you can get 180 3D model files for only $10


modiphius 2Modiphius has some outstanding resin sculpts and entire games built around the Fallout, Star Trek, Skyrim universes and more! You might find that the overall content from Modiphius serves as a “breath of fresh air” to the norm.

Armorcast Terraform Terrain

armorcast terrainArmorcast Terraform Terrain has everything ranging to unit bases, laser cut terrain, both fantasy and Sci-fi models as well as so much more. Whether you’re tricking out your minis or your tabletop, these guys really do have an awesome inventory you don’t want to skip over.

Futuristic Alternative Miniature Companies To GW

Let’s take a look at our updated list of some of the best independent company miniatures for alternatives for Games Workshop’s minis, and the tabletop hobby in general:

battle walker

Puppets War – Prime Battle Walker V1

creature caster death elemental 4

Creature Caster’s Death Elemental

  • Anarchy Models Painting tools and conversion bits
  • SciborMiniatures Fantasy models and busts 
  • Kromlech (Bits of war) bits and alternate models for just about any setting
  • Maxmini Alternate minis and upgrade options for your models
  • HiTech Miniatures futuristic sci-fi models
  • Bitspudlo Huge selection of conversion bits
  • Reptilian Overlords They’ve got a whole line of futuristically dark models to spice up your collections with as well as other great conversion bits.

imperial death lord not mephiston wargame exclusiveLord of Death by Wargame Exclusive

  • Zealot Miniatures awesome selection of fantasy minis and terrain.
  • Anvil Industry  Futuristic sci-fi soldiers and bit collections
  • Titan Forge (Also featured above) Futuristic sci-fi tanks and incredible fantasy dragons

Lord lionelLord Lionel From Soul Dark

Essential Hobby Products List

pig iron productionsPig Iron Productions

legio models nunsLegio Models Nuns of Battle Kit

  • Heresy Miniatures Great fantasy minis!
  • Copplestone Castings Soldier minis & more
  • Hf minis Character alternatives!
  • The Assault Group More character alternatives
  • Mantic Games alternate army options. Great centerpiece models
  • Infinity the Game Incredible futuristic sculpts perfect for characters/elites
  • Taro Modelmaker amazing-quality resin alternate bits for futuristic/sci-fi mechanical walkers like Knights.
  • Fox Box This company is awesome if you’re looking for a bunch of specific bits. If you’re in the market for the things that are harder to find, Fox Box probably has them.
  • Mortian Incredible futuristic tank options that fit the bill for all kinds of battlefield roles in your games.
  • Imperial Terrain Imperial Terrain has a huge variety of terrain options matching futuristic battlezones/town buildings as well as overgrown temples/ ancient ruins.

kromlech greatcoatsKromlech’s Orc Greatcoat Company

1111868579Artel W Flaming Drake Prime

Fantasy Alternative Miniature Companies To GW

dark sword miniDark Sword Mini Sloth Mage 

orc templarsNorsgard Orc Templars

lost kingdom miniLost Kingdom Yacatecuhtli, Cuetzpal Father

mierce minis mammothMierce Miniatures’ Maatmag, Gigantic Mammoth

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of awesome miniature companies out there. And with all of these alternative companies to GW to choose from, take your time and explore what they offer to make sure you get exactly what you want!

The Hobby Products & Tools I Swear By

Which of these 80 alternate miniature companies to GW is the best for you? Have you decided to take up 3D printing yourself?

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Editor’s Note:  Since we published the first article we have received a lot of messages asking us why “XYZ” company wasn’t on this list, either by hobbyists who had used their products OR by the folks who owned those companies.  Just to be clear this is a list of folks I have personally worked with in the past or used their products so, for the most part, I can say without a doubt they “don’t suck”. 

That being said feel free to email us (support AT Spikeybits.com) if you think we should take a look at any alternative companies to GW or want to get your product into our hands for a promo or review.

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