Looking For New 40k Game Mats? JW Gaming Has You Covered

Lava Mat FeatureGames are just more fun on a good mat! These new game mats from JW gaming are super well made and won’t slide around on the table.

With terrain playing such a big part in pretty much every game system right now, it’s lame to have great terrain on a wooden table. The mat is almost as important as the terrain. It really sets the stage for a fun game, especially if you have fully painted armies! Nothing is more fun than two fully painted armies, great terrain, and an awesome mat!

All of JW Gaming Mats’ are well designed and good looking. But enough talking about them, let’s take a look!

New Game Mats – Temple Mat 44×60: £ 48.99

Temple MatThe perfect setting for any game overflowing with magic! Or psykers, either way. This is way more fun than the standard field map. Gives you the same feel with a little variation added. If you need some terrain to go with it, check out some here.

Alien World 44×60: £ 48.99

Alien World Mat CroppedDo battle across an alien world! Will you take over or defend your home turf? This is beautiful and adds insane amounts of spice to a normal game.

Stone Mat 44×60: £ 48.99

Stone MatIt’s just so craggy. The detail on this map is awesome, it blends perfectly with a ruined city or mountains.

Artic Mat 44×60: £ 48.99

Artic Map CroppedWe’ve been in love with artic themed armies lately. And what better way for them to stay camouflaged than on an arctic map?

Lava Mat 44×60: £ 48.99

Lava MatBattle across a dangerously volcanic planet with this mat. Looks like the perfect battleground for a Khorne army to fight on.

Dynasty World Mat 44×60: £ 48.99

Dynasty MapThe perfect compliment to the new Necrons. With some green glowing weapons, your Crons will feel perfectly at home here.

Here are the specs and everything that comes with these mats:

All of our mats are made using high-quality Neoprene material, ensuring they stay flat on the tabletop and DO NOT slide around. Each mat is 3mm thick, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. 

Each mat comes with a zip-up carry bag for safe, easy transportation and storage.

That does it for the mats for today! Get out there and grab yourself a great new mat (or 3) to make your games better.

New 40k Sized Game Mats From JW Gaming

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