New Escher Wyld Runners & Death Maiden Rules Are Here!

By Rob Baer | August 23rd, 2020 | Categories: Games Workshop, Necromunda, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

necromunda hor walpaperThe Necromunda Escher gang is getting new rules and models like Wyld Runners and Death Maidens thanks to the House of Blades faction expansion release.

Warhammer Community previewed some of the goodies on the way to the Escher gang found inside the House of Blades book. From two new units and loads of new rules, we’ve got a lot to talk about.

New Escher Wyld Runners & Death Maiden Rules

necromunda escher death maidensStarting with the Death Maidens, these are girls that have literally been resurrected into cold-hearted killing machines. So much so that they have poison blood.


escher poison bloodDeath-maidens are raised from the grave to deal retribution in the name of House Escher. In the game, they’re truly lethal fighters. To represent the sheer amount of chemicals in their system required to bring them back to life, they even have poisonous blood!

escher venom clawWe all know how Eschers love their poison and as for the case of the Death Maidens, they’ll have some -2AP claws (which pretty much get through most armor in the game) and even get to reroll the D6 for the Toxin trait if they roll a natty 1. Whew that’s absolutely brutal.

escher mistress of deathOn top of that potency, there are new gang tactics that allow your Death Maiden to be activated a second time. BARF.

A Look At Wyld Runners

necromunda escher wyld runnersThese are young and reckless fighters, known as bold underhive explorers and beast wranglers. As up-and-coming prospects in the gang, they have a huge potential for growth and they only cost a handful of credits to recruit.

escher wyld runner prospectAs for their statline, the biggest weakness to the Wyld Runners is S2. You’ll be wounding most things on 5’s in close combat. However, with a 4+ BS, you can probably make better use of the bow. They were mentioned as having different ammo types as well so maybe some more toxin shenanigans can be played with that. But we also got a look at the whip profile for the danger.

escher wyld runner whipIt’s got a long-range 3″ profile which is cool in some scenarios and has Entangle but it looks more like a utility weapon than anything else. One attack 0 AP and 1 dmg isn’t anything to freak out about.

Eschers Have Attack Lizard-Cat Things

necromunda pet phelynx


escher wyld runner phelynxAs for the Wyld Runners pets, the Phelynx is this lizard cat thing that you can take in your games.

Each Wyld Runner can take up to three, meaning that you can easily outnumber enemy fighters. Plus no House Goliath fighter will ever get over the embarrassment of being beaten in a fight by a venomous cat! Although, with its debilitating bite, it’s a threat to ANY fighter.

escher venemous bite50 Credits may seem like a lot but they were also mentioned as being venomous. So maybe swarming the board with more Toxin attacks may be worth it. Getting two attacks a piece with a potential 6 on each roll isn’t terrible if you bring enough of them.

Other Rules Coming to the Faction

escher art

As for some odd-ball rules that are coming to the rest of the faction, we’ve got ones like Combat Virtuoso.

escher combat virtuosoThere are six new skills, which can make your Gang Queens, Matriarchs, and Death-maidens even more dangerous. Like to keep your distance from other fighters in the underhive? Then the Combat Virtuoso skill is for you. With most Escher having Strength 3, this gives you some crucial separation from enemy gangers.

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Weaponized Alchemy

necromunda escher priannaSome of the most exciting new rules are those for Chem-alchemy. These represent the strange concoctions that are brewed up by the clan’s Chymist Cults and they can give you a real edge in battle. First, you decide whether you’re creating a Stimm, some Toxic Ammo, or some Gaseous Ammo. Each has a range of different traits, and you get to select up to three to create your own Elixir.

Get ready to do some weird science because Escher players will be able to mix their own poisons for use on the battle. Some of those effects given are:

escher paralyzing bleedingOf what’s been shown, you can make weaker fighters prone to being paralyzed. On the other hand, if you’re in the business of killing quickly, you can apply a Bleeding effect that has a DOT (damage over time) effect turning a marker into a guaranteed flesh wound later in the round. By the way things are worded, it looks like you can apply more than one marker to a model in a turn as well, converting them to a heaping amount of flesh wounds all at once.

Is This What the Gang Needed?

Escher gangEschers look to be coming in with that extra spice! From two new units and a heaping dose of new rules, things all seem real solid for the gang. Not only are the rules fluffy, but on paper, they look VERY potent.

After seeing some of these rules, is this what the Escher gang needed? Do they have a better edge over the other gangs now? Will you be running Wyld Runners or Death Maidens?

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