Step Into Sci-Fi With The Cyber-Forge Patreon

Lieutenant Jane Ferro Close UpGet your Sci-fi fix this month with the Cyber-Forge Patreon! These awesome models are so unique and really add some flavor to any army or war band.

There seem to be countless games these days in the sci-fi space and not enough models, that’s where these come in! These minis can fit into all kinds of systems perfectly, or round out your current collection.

You can get all this month these by supporting the Cyber-Forge Patreon. Each model in the set has a very unique look and feel that’s hard to find anywhere else. They have everything from full squads of marines to aliens to wild heroes. And who doesn’t need to add some variety to their armies? Let’s jump into the models!

Yuri The Third

Yuri The ThirdNot exactly sure if this is alien or human. Either way, the dragons look like something we don’t want to mess with.

Lieutenant Jane Ferro

Lieutenant Jane FerroI wonder if her gun is big enough… We can only imagine how much firepower she can dish out with that thing! If you love ladies with serious firepower, go check this out!

CN-20 Gripper

Gripper pilotedThe only downside to piloting one of these crazy machines? You always get asked to help on moving day! This thing looks like it packs a serious punch, that’s for sure.

Marine Unit

Marines UnitMarines Reporting for Duty! When you need some bugs exterminated, be sure to call these guys!


ShikariA gunfighter feared throughout the universe! Don’t cross this guy, and if you do, try to flee as far away as you can.

Void Clicker

Void Clicker If you thought space was scary enough without giant monsters who want to eat you in it, well, then just look away now. Bring more than enough firepower if you plan on taking this thing out!

That does it for this batch of wild Sci-fi minis! This is a great way to add flavor to any army or create your own unique war band.

Cyber-Forge Sci-fi Minis

About the Author: Travis Pasch

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