New 40k Orks, JOYTOY, McFarlane: Pre-Order Pricing & Details

warhammer-pre-ordersThe latest new pre-orders are here from Games Workshop for new Warhammer 40k Orks, McFarlane, and JOYTOY Action figures!

The new Ork offerings are almost here as more of the Beast Snaggas have hit pre-order. There are also 8 New McFarlane Figures that are now available on Amazon for delivery before Christmas even, and of course the new JOYTOY Made To Order pre-orders that will be orderable for just one week!

Let’s start with Mcfarlane, then dive into the rest of the new pre-orders!

Pre-Order The 8 New 40k McFarlane Action Figures

mcfarlane-toys-on-pre-order-40k-action-figuresHere’s the new action figure line-up that is orderable now with current delivery quoted just before Christmas on December 10th, 2021! Oh, and they are stupid cheap price-wise when compared to a plastic character kit from GW.

Ultramarines Reiver With Bolt Carbine

Warhammer 40k McFarlaneIf the stealth and terror tactics of the Primaris Vanguard are your thing, then this Ultramarines Reiver is the perfect action figure to add to your collection. His backpack is outfitted with a grav-chute, so even if you accidentally knock him from your shelf, he’s all but guaranteed to land safely (though be careful – in the grim darkness of the far future, anything can happen).

We’ve seen a bunch of Space Marines before but hey, now if you need to be a little stealthier, this is the way to go. Order yours here at this link.

Space Marines Reiver With Grapnel Launcher – Artist’s Proof

Warhammer 40k McFarlane 2If you’d rather paint your own Reiver action figure, the Artist’s Proof is the ideal choice. What’s more, in place of the Ultramarines Reiver’s bolt carbine and a grav-chute, this version is equipped with alternative wargear in the form of a grapnel launcher, offering added variety should you get them both.

It’s interesting they gave this one a different weapon choice for the AP. These are really fun to paint up and you can make it whatever chapter you want. Order yours here at this link.

Ork Meganob With Shoota

Ork mega nob McFarlaneDa Orks iz ’ere! The first of four greenskin action figures from McFarlane Toys sees an Ork Meganob armed with a kustom shoota and power klaw and clad in mega armour enter the fray. You also can kit out his armour rig with an optional backpack with attached banner pole, and give him the metal jaw that no self-respecting Nob would be seen without.

This is the first Ork we’ve seen from them and it’s pretty cool, but the paint job does leave a little to be desired. You can always fix it up if you want but having some giant Orks hanging around would be so much fun! Order yours here at this link.

Ork Meganob With Buzzsaw

Ork mega nob McFarlane 2Of course, if you want your Meganob action figure to look even more killy (if such a thing is even possible), you’ll want it to be dual-wielding killsaws for some good ol’ fashioned slicing and dicing.

With these being more expensive we hope these are bigger and it’s a mistake on the site. The accessory of the metal jaw is just a really cool little addition. Order yours here at this link.

Ork Big Mek

Ork mega nob McFarlane 3

The third Ork action figure enables you to match the three-model Meganobz set with a Big Mek clad in mega armour. He’s tooled up with all the gubbinz you could want, including a kombi-weapon with skorcha, a power klaw, and even a backpack-mounted kustom force field generator.

With a force field and a kombi-weapon, this is just a really cool figure! Order yours here at this link.

Ork Big Mek – Artist’s Proof

Ork mega nob McFarlane 4The Artists’ Proof edition of the mega-armoured Ork Big Mek is the perfect opportunity for you to try your hand at painting a large-scale greenskin. Armed and equipped with the same wargear as the painted version, you can add your own creative flair to this awesome action figure to make it truly your own.

If you’re not too excited about the paint jobs on the above Orks, then this is the way to go. Order yours here at this link.

Tyranid Genestealer

Genestealer McFarlaneIf you serve the will of the Hive Mind, there’s no better way to prove it than with this fearsome Genestealer action figure. It comes pre-painted in the colours of Hive Fleet Leviathan, and this beastie looks ready to tear anything in its way to pieces.

If you love Nids, you’re finally grabbing a McFarlane fig! Rejoice for all action figure lovers. Order yours here at this link.

Ymgarl Genestealer – Artist’s Proof

Genestealer McFarlane 2If you’re feeling especially outlandish, the Artist’s Proof version represents one of the infamous Ymgarl Genestealers, complete with the tell-tale combination of scything talons and feeder tendrils. As a blank canvas, you can paint your action figure in the colours of your Hive Fleet of choice.

Last but not least, the Nids are also getting an AP as well. So if you want to paint up your custom scheme, you can!

Pre-Order All The New McFarlane 40k Action Figures Now!


warhammer joytoy banner

JOYTOY Vanguard Space Marine Incursors and Infiltrators: $100 (set of 4 figures)

Available in squads of four Incursors or Infiltrators, the Vanguard Space Marines are 12cm tall – approximately 1:18 scale – and they can be equipped with all manner of amazing accessories, including guns, pistols, mines, and weapon sights.

There are two different options available to order, but they are very similar. The main difference is a slight loadout difference and of course, they look different too.

JOYTOY Vanguard Space Marine Incursors $100 (set of 4 figures)


This pack of four named Incursors comprises their key tabletop equipment, including Oculus bolt carbines, paired combat blades, and a chunky haywire mine.

It’s nice you grab four in each pack, so for the price, it’s similar to buying 4 McFarlane figures, as they are about $20 each.

JOYTOY Vanguard Space Marines Infiltrators: $100 (set of 4 figures)


One of the four carries an Infiltrator Comms Array in addition to his weapons. And each figure is packed with detail from skull relics to ammo pouches.

Remember here in the states these are Made to Order (MTO), so chances are delivery will be in at least 180 days away as we have seen with other similar offerings like the Bandai Space Marine Captain and things like Dominion or Indomitus.

These are all on pre-order from September 25th to October 2nd only so make sure you order them as there’s no telling how much these will go for on the secondary market after the print run is over.

New Orks Lineup

9th warhammer 40k banner

There are some allocations, so be sure to check them out here.

Kill Rig $125

Get Yours For Less From Dicehead Games




This multipart plastic kit is comprised of 111 pieces, allowing you to build one Kill Rig. The multiple emplacements on the rig can be mounted in a number of different places. This kit also comes with a 170mm Citadel Oval base. Alternatively, this kit can be built as a Hunta Rig with a separate Wurrboy. 

Painboss $35

Get Yours For Less From Dicehead Games



This 21-piece plastic kit lets you build one Painboss and Grot Orderly. The Painboss has a choice of two head options – one with a bare head with a bionic eye, while the other has a crude bucket helmet made from scrap metal. This kit comes with one 40mm Citadel Round base and one 25mm Citadel Round base.

Mozrog Skragbad / Beastboss on Squigosaur $50

Get Yours For Less From Dicehead Games





This multipart plastic kit is comprised of 43 components with which you can build the Beast Snagga Orks Character Mozrog Skragbad and his squigosaur, Big Chompa. Alternatively, this kit can be assembled as a Beastboss on Squigosaur. It comes supplied with one 80mm Citadel Round base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

Are you excited about these Ork 40k releases this week? How about the McFarlane figures?

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