The Best Online Resources for Warhammer 40k

best-online-resourcesIf you’re looking to up your game, these are some of the best online resources for Warhammer 40k out there- check it out!

There are so many great resources for playing Warhammer out there, it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. Well, these are some of our favorite resources for painting, playing, and just info in general.  These can be helpful whether you are a new or veteran player alike!

The Best Online Resources for Warhammer 40k

super happy guardsman wal horWe’ll say this one more time before getting into the list, if you have some other favorites we forgot about, let us know because we always love to find new places to hobby better! Let’s give some criteria on what we think makes something good.

  • Value! Not everything is free and it shouldn’t always be, but if you do have to pay, we look at the value you actually receive. 
  • Good Information. Obviously, if you classify as a great resource, you have to have good info. 
  • Consistency is key. To be a great resource you need updated content. 

With that said let’s jump into the list.

Painting Resources:

glaze vs. wash feature rObviously, we all want to be better painters! Sometimes all you need is just a few tips to take you over the top. Even if you need all the tips in the world, these channels are super helpful.

  • Terrain Tutor is technically a little different of a channel, but we all need great terrain! 
  • Squidmar Miniatures is great at showing techniques and has some really fun videos that can help you get better! 
  • Jack of Clubs Painting He does a ton of great painting tutorials to help you level up.
  • Next Level Painting If you really want to take your painting to the next level, Kenny is an amazing resource! 
  • Goobertown Hobbies does a ton of really fun videos and great tutorials that really help new and veteran painters alike. 
  • eBay Miniature Rescues is a very unique channel that shows you how to take beat-up minis and turn them great again. 

There are so many awesome painters out there but these are some of our favorites.

List-Building & Game Analysis:

Goonhammer Feature r (1)We would be lying if we said we didn’t want to be a little better at building our lists. Plus, there are some great resources to not only get better at building but also just understanding the game. These places help with all that!

  • Goonhammer is just a great place for in-depth analysis and so much more for 40k. 
  • Wahapedia is an awesome place to find basically everything you need for list building and past editions. 
  • Buttscribe may have a funny name but man it’s such a great list-building resource and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should! 
  • Tabletop Simulator is a great way to test lists and play while you’re social distancing
  • Battlescribe is an easy way to make lists and is accepted pretty much everywhere. 
  • Rightful Ruler from selecting deployment zones, measuring objectives, deepstrike radius, and more, all you have to do is hold up your phone,

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General Resources:

space-marine-centurion feature rSome of the best content doesn’t just fall into any of the main categories, so these are just some of our favorite resources.

  • Best Coast Pairings is a great resource to not only play tournaments but also to see what lists are doing well. 
  • Reddit is not always the most trustworthy source for news but it has a great 40k community that can be super helpful at times. 
  • Warhammer+ Maybe? We’re not sure how this will turn out but for the price, you get the 40k app, tutorials, battle reports, lore, and more. So even though this has made a lot of people angry, this looks like it could be a good resource. 
  • Dice Check is perfect if you want to see some great painted armies, fun battle reports, and just a cool channel! 
  • Instagram has so many amazing painters, news, and a really cool 40k community in general.

Chess Clocks:

With Chess Clocks being a part of ITC events for over 3 years now, take some time to get some practice in with them!

chess clock

It’s probably worth mentioning playing with a chess clock will help speed up your game too, and get you ready for tournament play! Plus faster games means more time to hobby as well!

We’ve been using the clock pictured above, it’s super affordable and ships quick from Amazon Prime!

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Obviously, there are hundreds if not thousands of places to look for inspiration and resources. So, get out there and find your favorite places to absorb 40k content!

What is your favorite 40k resource?  Did we miss any of your favorites?

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