Get Beveled GW Bases For Less From Our Marketplace!

40k-base-sizesBase all those unloved or 3D printed miniatures for less with our huge selection of beveled bases from Games Workshop kits.

Obviously, to actually play with the models, you need bases! We have Games Workshop Citadel Bases sizes ranging from 25mm all the way up to 170 mm, so pretty much anything you could need. They are all in stock and ship out quickly, so you cant have your models on the tabletop fast.

Price-wise they are very affordable, and you can get sets of up to five in each order. There are plenty to choose from and maybe best of all they work perfectly with all the 3D printed stuff we sell that doesn’t come with bases.

So just throw a few of these in your order if you need them, and you’re all set!

25mm-40mm Games Workshop Citadel Beveled Bases

Beveled BasesOur Round Beveled Bases are new and unused from Games Workshop model kits, collected from years of doing unboxing videos and just buying way too many kits in general!

Since you can get the bases in bigger sets or singles, you can just grab whatever you need without spending too many of those precious Hobby Dollars!

60mm x 35mm Oval:

Oval bases Games Workshop Citadel Bases

If you have a bunch of biker models, they need bases too!

50mm – 160mm Rounds:

Beveled Bases 2

Considering many 3D printed models are generally bigger, you need the bigger sizes! It’s not the craziest thing ever, but hey, you need bases to play, and for just a buck or two extra, it will make your hobbying that much better!

105mm – 170mm Ovals:

Games Workshop Citadel BasesIf you have some really chonky boys in your army who need bases, well, here you go! Again, considering you don’t need many of these, it won’t run your hobby dollars dry.

That does it for this one, not the most exciting thing in the world, but Games Workshop Citadel Bases are something we all need!

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