Necromunda Ash Wastes Pricing, Value & Savings Breakdown

necromunda-ash-wastes-box-valueAt a price of $300 here is the value, and savings breakdown inside the Necromunda Ash Wastes Box set that is kicking off a new way to play!

The starter style sets have really varied in value recently, with some being really worth it and others, not so much. The price of this surprised us a little bit, but that doesn’t mean there still can’t be value inside. When you look at the Hive War box, this new one clocks in at double the price.

While it does have a ton of new minis and terrain, it costs a lot more upfront…

Necromunda Ash Wastes Boxset: What’s the Value?

Necromunda Ash Wastes

The one nice thing about this box is GW actually released everything (other than the terrain and rulebook) at the same time, so we don’t really have to guess at much of the value. Let’s see the breakdown:

  • Ash Waste Nomads $47
  • Dustback Helamite Riders $47
  • Orlock Outrider Quads $47
  • Orlock Gangers $47
  • Terrain $180 (2x Thatos hab  $80 eac+ 1x thatos platforms $80)
  • Rulebook $60 (based on current rulebook pricing)
  • Tactics Cards $33 (not sure about the cards as they don’t say exactly what they will be, but based on the most recent pricing)
  • Game Mat, Dice, Tokens, and Markers: Added Value (these are not available separately, and the mat is a fold-out paper version, not a heavy card one that we have seen in the past.)

Total MSRP: $461

Savings Versus Box Price: $162

Is The Necromunda Ash Wastes Worth It?

Necromunda Ash WastesHonestly, since they are putting out the models on their own simultaneously, this might really not be worthwhile if you just want some of the squads for other things.

The main value (in “Games Workshop money”) is the terrain and the rulebook. And remember, this is something we haven’t seen any rules for, so you’re basically paying for something you don’t really know much about.

However, the rules and tactics cards probably are needed to play with the dope new models. But if you just want the models inside, it really just seems more worthwhile to buy the kits on their own, as the value in minis only accounts for a very small amount of the overall price.

So, if you want the terrain and the book, you’ll save some cash, if you don’t just buy the kits you want on their own since they really aren’t too expensive, again, in “Games Workshop money” that is…

Unboxing The Starter Set

Ash Wastes unboxing 3There are a lot of sprues for the terrain inside, and it is a fairly beefy box. You get two of the same sprues for the gangs just like they would come in their respective boxes.

Ash Wastes unboxing 4The old orange templates are the exact same thing that you got with the Warhammer 40k 3rd edition starter, so that’s pretty cool. Then you get all the accessories, the Ash Wastes book, the dice (which we’ve heard don’t roll very well), and the cards.

It’s also worth mentioning that the mat is just paper, and the rulebook is a full hardcover version that we assume will be sold separately later on as well for the normal price of $60 or more.


Ash Wastes unboxing 5At the back of the book, they have all the faction rules that will be coming out on their own. Starting with the roachabos, you have mostly the same parts but then can change them up with the extra bits.

Ash Wastes unboxing 6Each of the Nomads can be built as different variants, which are cool and nothing looks too hard right off the bat. Just be sure to follow the instructions for the variants as you build a base version then can just slap on whatever accessories you want.

Ash Wastes unboxing 7The quads can be left off the mount for painting which is nice, but the thing that will be hard is you may want to magnetize the weapons so you can switch them out. We recommend 1/8″ diameter by 1/16″ deep magnets

Ash Wastes unboxing 8The buildings are very involved to assemble as there are a lot of small parts and it is pretty difficult looking to get the buildings altogether. There are also a lot of optional parts with the terrain.

Necromunda Ash Wastes Sprues

Ash Wastes unboxing 9First up is the quad sprue, and it really has a hodgepodge of parts as there is just stuff all over it.

Ash Wastes unboxing 10The Nomad sprue has some really cool bits, and they all really look the part for sure.

Ash Wastes unboxing 11The roach kit is also really cool, plus it’s wild they fit all three on two sprues.

Built Minis

Ash Wastes unboxing 12Assembly-wise, the nomads go together really well, and they turn out looking awesome! There is just some insane detail packed into these.

Ash Wastes unboxing 15The roachabos look great when assembled. Plus the nice thing is you can make them without the rider glued down, so you can paint them separately.

Ash Wastes unboxing 16For the quad gunner, you could actually magnetize the guns if you wanted but it’s nice you can build this without the riders as well.

Ash Wastes unboxing 18Overall though, they look pretty sweet!

The Terrain

Ash Wastes unboxing 20The terrain is all pretty sturdy and you don’t have to glue a lot of it down as there are a lot of socket holes.

Ash Wastes unboxing 21You can also make the Hab units in a bunch of different ways.  The roof can also be popped off as well for games so make sure you do not attach that permanently.

When it comes to the ramps and platforms, you can make a bunch of different variations. Don’t glue them down to the Habs and every game you play can have a new terrain configuration!

Ash Wastes unboxing 22There are also a ton of different pieces to throw on the terrain if you want, but you don’t have to. However, it is nice to have it all just in case you want to use it for a scenario or specific objective.

Size Comparison

Ash Wastes unboxing 13


Ash Wastes unboxing 14The Nomads are actually quite large and almost the size of a Primaris.

Ash Wastes unboxing 19The size on the mounts is about the same but the base sizes are different, so try not to overlook that when you are assembling them.

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