New AoS Nighthaunts Battletome Rules Already Leaked

New-nighthaunts-aos-rules-battletome-age-of-sigmarA new Nighthaunts Battletome is here for AoS-  check out all the new releases, rules, and models rumors from their upcoming release.

The internet has struck once again with some big leaks from the upcoming battletome! If you play Nighthaunts these rules are a great way to decide what to build your new army around from the upcoming battletome rulebook!

The leaks come from Reddit and are quite robust. Let’s first check out what we’ve seen so far, then jump into all the new rules!

Age of Sigmar New Battletome Roadmap 2022

Age of Sigmar 2022 Roadmap for releases and battletomes

We even have a shiny new roadmap for you to check out.

Besides the new Daughters of Khaine, and Nighthaunt Battletome books, now we know there are more on the way for 2022. Apparently, even more books from the looks of it.  We broke down the latest rumors on the new Age of Sigmar Battletomes and Battle Boxes recently and you can read about it by clicking here.

Plus we know about three new model kits for the Nighthaunts release as well…

Nighthaunts Awlrach the Drowner

Awlrach the Drowner

In life, Awlrach the Drowner was a wicked ferryman who killed those he was supposed to be transporting (we’re sure you can guess his preferred method from his name). Nagash liked his style, so in death he is tasked with ferrying the spirits of the deceased to wherever the Lord of Death needs them.

There is no doubting his style, and his timing right on the heels of the new Arena of Shades looks to give the Nighthaunts faction the first new units since 2018!

Awlrach the Drowner

He has special rules to help your army get wherever it needs to be on the tabletop, offering his allies passage through the underworlds. When he’s not busy rowing, the Drowner is pretty handy in a fight with his oar – and we recommend staying away from the pointy end of his boat!

New Age of Sigmar Battle Box: Arena of Shades

While the Arena of Shades has been released already the new kits inside still have not yet. So here is a look at those models still to be released as well.

The next two factions to duke it out in the Age of Sigmar are Nighthaunt and the Daughters of Khaine!

The newest character set to release for Nighthaunt is the Scriptor Mortis! Described by the preview as “not a fighter”, the Scriptor is said to specialize in picking out specific heroes from a distance and “cursing them” throughout the battle.

Nighthaunt are receiving THREE new units in this upcoming release! Not only are they getting a new character, but a unit capable of shooting as well, the Craventhrone Guard!

This new unit is one of the few in the Death faction of Age of Sigmar with any substantial shooting, so their addition is very welcome.

The aesthetic of these new minis ties into the Nighthaunt character Kurdoss Valentian, The Craven King; you can see the iconography on their banner is very similar to his own, as well as having a connection with his name.

New AoS Nighthaunts Battletome Rules Already Leaked

We know Nighthaunts are next with the Daughters of Khaine, but man Games Workshop is leaking like a sieve at this point.

So their army-wide special rules are interesting for sure as Ethereal has a whole new meaning. Plus auto wounding on 6s is sure to make a difference as well.

More ways to customize the army builds are here as well.

Graven Throne Guard Rules:

With movement 8, they are quick, but their damage output isn’t insane and with only a 4+/4+ and a 12″ range, we’re not sure exactly how powerful they will be. Considering they are the only ranged unit they have, might be worth a take.

Nighthaunt RulesFrom Warhammer Community

A ranged unit is a rarity for a Death army– they traditionally prefer to shamble, rattle, and apparate their way into their opponents’ faces rather than attack from a distance – and it opens up many options. Spells are no longer your only way of taking out hard-to-reach Heroes and critical units, while a shooting phase opens up plenty of new options to score Battle Tactics and deny your opponent the aura abilities that make their army tick.

Having ranged attacks at all for the army is pretty nice, and with 2 attacks each and the ability to fire without LoS, they can do some work. However, with only a 4+ to hit, Damage 1, and not big units, it might be hard for them to really change the course of a fight. Still, they say they have other rules as well, so we can’t fully judge quite yet.

Scriptor Mortis Nighthaunts Battletome Rules:

We had already seen some of the rules for Scriptor Mortis, however, the full Warscroll has a bit more information.

Nighthaunt Rules

While this basically takes two turns to even possibly pull off, dealing 2D6 Mortals can kill a lot of heroes. Who knows, maybe if you get lucky and have a couple of these, you’ll actually rack up the damage.

If you try this in turn 2, you have a 1/6 chance for it to work, then even on turn 3 just a 1/3 chance. So while it can be devastating, we’re not sure how often it will be super strong as even in turn 4, you have a 50/50 chance of it working. However, you can do this even if the game is going to end, so it will scale throughout the game quite well.

Awlach the Drowner Rules

The last new model, Awlach the Drowner, was more of an unknown until now. Looks like he can move around units a bit and smash into things with his ram.

Nighthaunts Battletome Points Costs

Points wise this is how the army is shaping up, with Kurdoss being 210 is an interesting look for sure.


AoS Nighthaunts Battletome Rules (5)These look like the points we had already seen updated from the last Balance Warscroll as well. So no big surprise there. It’s pretty obvious that Games Workshop is still a bit behind on its release cycle as well when this is pre-dated for April 2022.

Scriptor Mortis changed to 5 points to 155, and the Craven Guard went up to 115, probably to make them more in line with the new army-wide Nighthaunt Battletome rules and abilities like auto wounds on 6’s, etc.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should keep an eye out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews For 2022

What do you think about the new Scriptor Mortis and the rest of the Nighthaunts battletome rules? Do you think the new units will be useful?

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