Horus Heresy Deimos Predator: Unboxing & Magnetization

horus-heresy-predator-unboxing-magnetizarionHere is how to magnetize and build the new Horus Heresy Deimos Predator in our latest unboxing feature- check it out!

Rob is back unboxing the new Horus Heresy Deimos Predator and, most importantly, shows you how to future-proof this using modularity and magnetization. He’ll see what it takes to get it ready for the tabletop, show the model’s size, and tell you the GOTCHAS to be aware of when building it! 

We will show you everything, including the sprues, bits, and of course, the size. That way, you can decide if this is worth your hard-earned hobby dollars.

Horus Heresy Deimos Predator: Unboxing & Magnetization

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Deimos Predator unboxing 2This runs for $65, and with it being plastic, it’s at least cheaper than Forge World, but it does feel a little pricey.


Deimos Predator unboxing 3This kit actually only has two new sprues we haven’t seen yet. The rest are the same as the Deimos Rhino we unboxed earlier. The way they did this, they could easily just change out the sprue on the left and make different versions of the predator for sure


Deimos Predator unboxing 4They do all the HH instructions this way instead of the new full-color 40k style. The good about this kit is it’s very modular, so that they can have a ton of options. The bad is that the tolerances are way too small, which can make building it quite challenging.

Be aware that the bottom chassis piece on the right in the instructions above, is very hard to slot in. You even have to shave down the stems on the rear hatch to get it to fit correctly in a lot of cases.

Deimos Predator unboxing 5This is where magnetizing will really come into play, as you don’t only want one weapon choice! We’ll cover how to do that in a little bit. Luckily, they have enough weapon plates for the turret to magnetize.

Built Model

Deimos Predator unboxing 6Here is the mostly finished product, but not with the turret weapons.

Deimos Predator unboxing 8However, as you can see, the tolerances everywhere are almost shamefully tight. For the sponsons, you can just push the pegs in to switch them on and off, so there is no need for magnets (unless you want to magnetize it).


Deimos Predator unboxing 9For the top turret, you need a magnet on the inside and a strip of metal on the actual gun itself.

Deimos Predator unboxing 10Rob did make one mistake here, on the front of the turret, there is a little nub that he shaved off as he thought it would be easier. However, you should leave that little nub and then just put two little sheets of metal around it, instead of the one big one he did here.

This still works, but he thinks it would be sturdier and lock into the front weapons better.

Deimos Predator unboxing 11Now for the back part of the weapons, he put two magnets back there from the Magnet Baron, which will hold on the back end of the guns just fine.

Deimos Predator unboxing 12Then obviously, you’ll also need to magnetize the weapon backs as well so they stick on.

Deimos Predator unboxing 13With that, you can just change your weapons out as you want! Check out the video for the exact sizes and where to place all the magnets on your tank!

Compared to the Old One

Deimos Predator unboxing 14The new predator is about the same size as the old one, and things are just a little smaller now as GW can make the tolerances much smaller than before. If you want to just play with the old one, it’s close enough to work just fine as well!

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After seeing this Deimos Predator for Horus Heresy unboxing and review, will you be picking it up? 

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