How to Paint Glow Effects: Galharen Painting Tutorial

Glow effects featureLearning how to paint glow effects doesn’t have to be complicated, check out this painting tutorial to get your miniatures on point!

Galharen has some amazing hobby content, and if you need some sweet tips, you should follow him to get up on all your painting and conversion techniques.

This time around he paints up some awesome effects without taking too much time. It’s a pretty easy way to get a really cool effect without a ton of effort. Let’s get into the tutorial!

How to Paint Glow Effects: Galharen Painting Tutorial

Glow effectsThis is all part of his tutorial series for painting up Castellan Crowe, this is the final step, so if you want to see the full thing, check it out here. He also does a few other techniques in the video, but we’ll focus on the glow effects.

Step 1:

Glow effects 2He’s already put the base colors on the base, but you can see the flame coming from the sword, so we’ll be adding that to the base. He starts with Blue Violet from Vallejo and thins it down with airbrush thinner in a 50/50 mix. After that, he sets a white “underlayer” for the brighter colors coming later, be sure to leave some purple on the sides.

Step 2:

galharen tutorialNext, he puts Orange Fluorescent in two layers over top of the white. He wants to make it brighter, so goes back with the white and covers some of the orange. He then does another layer with Gold Yellow.

Step 3:

Glow effects 3Now he moves to the brush and simply dry brushes the edges with Deep Yellow. He also goes back and highlights the edges with a mix of yellow and white at the end. He also paints the edges with pure black and attaches the mini here.

Step 4:

Glow effects 4To tie the mini and base together here, he takes the red rust pigment from Kromlech and brushes some of it onto the feet of the model and onto the base. He seals it all with an airbrush thinner using the airbrush.

Glow effects 5There you have it! Some great-looking effects without that much trouble! 

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Have you tried to paint up your effects yet? 

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