How to Paint Ultramarines: Painting Tutorial

Paint UltramarinesLearn how to paint Ultramarines Space Marines without much hassle, and with great results in this Hellfire Hobbies painting tutorial!

With Space Marines so hot right now (kidding), it’s time to get painting up your forces! If you’re planning on going with this chapter, you need to get good at painting blue, and this tutorial will help you tackle the steps without much effort!

Let’s see how to do it.

How to Paint Ultramarines: Hellfire Hobbies Painting Tutorial

Paint Ultramarines 2He starts by priming the entire model black. Now, let’s see how to get an awesome marine!

Step 1:

Paint Ultramarines 3He starts with Kantor Blue and sprays the entire model with the airbrush at a top-down angle. Be sure to get good coverage here, as this is your main basecoat.

Step 2:

Paint Ultramarines 4Next, he will mix Lothern Blue into the airbrush with the remnants of the blue from before. Go very light with this but hit a lot of the model. After a quick spray of that, he then goes with a very light spray with Calgar Blue.

This is more of a highlight, so just pick out the areas you want to be highlighted. At this point, everything will be very well-blended, but we really don’t want that. So he does a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade over most of the model.

Step 3:

Paint Ultramarines 5Once the shade is dry, he comes back and does another highlight with the blue to pick out the raised areas. He stays with the Calgar and moves to a brush, and continues to pick out the highlights.

He uses Retributor Armor and hits all the gold with it, Gun Metal for all the silver, and finally paints the leather with Doombull Brown. Then for the purity seals, paint them with whatever red you like the most. He also changes this to the base he wants here.

Finished Model:

Paint Ultramarines 6There you have how to paint an Ultramarines Space Marines model that will look great on the table and only takes minutes to do in this painting tutorial.

That does it for this one! If you want to see more, check out Hellfire Hobbies’ own tutorial by clicking this link here.

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