Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Game Adding Multi-Player!

shadows over hammerfallThe Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower mobile game is adding a multi-player component to let you play against your friends on and off the table! 

Silver Tower is an Age of Sigmar-themed board game from back in the day. You’d have a band of adventurers and basically explore the game in a turn-based combat system. But now, it’s coming back in a new way. Perchang Games has just announced they will be adding a multi-player expansion.

This is a great new fold if you have already been playing the game. If you haven’t really got into it yet, now might be the time, as this might be the thing to kick it off for you!

Let’s check out the details about the multi-player expansion.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Game Adding Multi-Player!

shadows over hammerhall feature rHere’s what they have to say about the new updates:

  • Players will now be able to battle one another in our specially designed arenas. They win by taking out the opposition, or by destroying their crystals. Multiplayer Champion rosters are unlocked by levelling up their Heroes in the single player. Any victories are rewarded with timed multiplayer chests and every 20th kill, they’ll get a special bonus!
  • But that’s not all, we’re also adding 3 new champions to the roster in the form of Skaven. This massively popular race of ratmen are sneaky, devious, and totally mad! With skills which can inflict as much damage on your own team as the opposition!

shadows over hammerfall

  • We’ve added tons of new outfits as well, so players can really show their colours in multiplayer matches!
  • All this is topped off with our UI re-design. We’ve been listening to our fanbase, so now core info is easier to access and weapons are simpler to switch… and sell!
  • Oh, and finally, we’ve added in a “starring up” system, which now allows players to rank up their favourite champions. So you can now make a hardcore team of heroes out of the meekest rank 1 starter classes!

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